Future Teaching Practices Submission Form
Please use this form to submit/write a Future Teaching Practices (FTP) that will help someone in your specialty area as organizations have to shift instruction/rehearsing/performing. This could be something you have already done that worked or something you plan to do to keep choral music present during the COVID-19 pandemic. The door is open for any and all FTPs. Creativity is the key!

Recognize that not all FTPs will fit perfectly into every situation and it may be modified by our colleagues. Performance based and non-performance based FTPs will be helpful to all. These FTPs could include how we engage audiences, how a composer might engage with students virtually, how do deliver conducting lessons to conducting majors, how to execute general music to 4th graders at school that are one-to-one, how to deliver instructions in schools that are not one-to-one. If this form does not work for you, write in a word document and share it with me via email.

I don't believe that anyone will leave with 6 months of ready made lesson plans but there will be many ideas that one can modify. Entering in this experience with a spirit of collaboration and professional courtesy will yield a high level of productivity. If everyone contributes just one lesson/activity/idea/strategy, we will have at least 400 ideas based on the number of people who have submitted their names to the PCC to date.

All FTPs will be in a shared folder and I will include the name of the lesson creator so that everyone is recognized for their contribution to the profession.

Remember our purpose is to help each other and I will continue to facilitate this collective as long as we are productive. I am VERY excited to see what we can do! Remember these ideas will allow us to adjust/pivot/advocate/teach how ever we need to to survive if there are any changes required in organizations.

You will NOT be excluded if you don't share a lesson/activity/idea/strategy

You can email files that might be helpful to understand your submission to me at dafox@unomaha.edu

Dr. Derrick Fox
Director of Choral Activities
University of Nebraska-Omaha
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What will the students/participants need to successfully participate in this lesson/activity/idea/strategy (Please list item as 1., 2., 3., etc... *
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Please list the steps for how to teach/use/execute your lesson/activity/idea/strategy. Write so that anyone reading your contribution can understand your instructions. (Please lists steps as 1.,2.,3. etc...) For example - 1. Singer should download Yousician App. 2. Student opens Youcisian App. 3. Practice Sight reading module for 10 minutes 4. At the conclusion of the week, student should submit a screen shot to the teacher of the weekly practice bar graph that shows the total practice time. *
Are there any special considerations that one should think about when executing this lesson/activity/idea/strategy?
If this is something you've implemented, what were the successes? (Please list 1., 2., 3., etc...)
If this is something you've implemented, what would you change or what was difficult? (Please list 1., 2., 3., etc...)
What national standards/concepts are addressed? (Included for those who need to align their lessons with the NAfME standards for their organizations)
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