US-Mexico 2024 : Form of Interest
We at Broad Street Presbyterian Church believe that being in partnership with people in other cultures and participating in God’s mission in the world helps individuals to be more faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. A great deal of energy and prayer is directed toward leading mission delegations across borders to build relationships and understanding and to witness to the power of the gospel to tear down walls that divide humankind. Mission teams come to be in mutual mission with their Mexican brothers and sisters, sharing their gifts and talents as well as receiving.  

You will notice we aren't calling this a "mission trip" rather a border immersion experience.  We won't be building a school or running a VBS, rather we will be experience life and ministry on the border. When we visit Douglas/Agua Prieta, we will see the many contrasts and learn about the complexities that are a regular part of life in the border region. We will be invited into the life of the Frontera de Cristo ministry and the work of FdC partners. Together we will celebrate life, embrace hope, and share in the wonder that resides in this placethe Arizona/Sonora borderlands. Come and share in the wonder!
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Please list your name EXACTLY as it is shown on your passport or if a minor without a passport, your birth certificate!
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Health and Health Insurance
Please note that you must have or obtain current health insurance in the U.S. in order to qualify for the mission trip.

The Leadership team would like to connect with individuals about Physical or Mental Health before acceptance on a team to ensure the trip can meet your physical and mental health needs.  This is in no way to limit participation, but rather to best ensure your experience and safety.
The demands of the trip include flights, time change, walking in extreme dry heat at elevation, willingness to share a room with multiple people, ability to walk up to a few miles each day, willingness to try new foods (*unless you have allergies in which case we will make alternative arrangements), a spirit of openness and willingness to learn, and the ability to do all activities on the schedule and travel with a large group for a week.

Given the demands of the trip, please share all information related to physical health and ability, medical conditions, mental health or dietary restrictions?  
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