WeGov Awards 2016
Contest for the best application ideas in e-Government held in the framework of the 4th Open and Collaborative Governance Summer School.

2 Prizes along with the appropriate certificates will be awarded:
- Full Accommodation Expenses for 1 student
- 300 euros voucher for electronic purchases

The Evaluation Procedure will take place on site by the experts of the School. There are three indicators for the evaluation of the applications: (a) necessity, (b) innovation and (c) completeness.

Be prepared to perform a similar 15-minutes presentation.

Register to the 4th International Summer School on Open and Collaborative Governance
--> https://opengov2016.pns.aegean.gr/appform

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Title of the Application Idea
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Application Idea Description
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Describe the general idea along with the aim and objectives of the application.
Application Environment
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Describe the environment of the application in terms of systems needed (e.g. back-end connections with public authorities) and legal aspects (e.g. what laws should be in place or surpassed).
Target Groups
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Describe all the involved stakeholders and the target groups of the application (why they will use the app?).
Potential Impact
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Describe the short and long term impact of the application. What are the benefits of use? How it will be sustained?
GitHub link for the app (if exists)
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