SJSL Coach Add Form
Please use this form to request to add a COACH to your SJSL league event roster.

Before submitting this request, please first card the coach in question pursuant to the US Club Soccer guidelines. Once a valid US Club pass has been obtained, please have your club admin add the coach to your team in GotSoccer. Please remember to have the coach assigned to the proper league event (ie. the correct season).

ALL head coaches, assistant coaches, trainers and anyone with a staff pass participating on the players' side of the field MUST upload a copy of the coaching certificate/license to upload link. The link is posted on the league website and is available here (you can copy and paste link into a separate browser window):

Only after completing the above steps may you submit the request below asking the league to approve adding the coach to your SJSL event roster in Gotsoccer.

In order to have your coach added in time for a particular game, requests must be filed no later than 8:00pm on Friday before a Sunday game, or 48 hours prior to a game on any other day. Timely filed requests are not a guarantee of league approval. If a request is filed late, it may not be considered in time for the match in question.
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