Yellowbrick Alpha Testing Questionnaire
Thank you for helping us work through the alpha testing phase of the Yellowbrick library!

Before responding to this form, please review the notebook "Getting Started with Yellowbrick", which includes a tutorial, explanation of use cases, and Alpha testing instructions.

Note that our survey collects email addresses so that we can follow up with you on any questions based on your feedback. We will NEVER share your email address with anyone, or add it to a list of ANY kind. You will receive at most a few one-on-one emails from the core contributors of the Yellowbrick project (especially if you provide particularly valuable feedback!).
Link to notebook fork *
Link to your notebook fork (should be a link to your notebook in GitHub).  Check the notebook requirements section in the documentation.
Was your dataset used for regression or classification?
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How did you load your data?
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How many features were in your data set?
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How many instances were in your data set?
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Which Scikit-Learn estimator(s) did you use?
What Scikit-Learn tools and utilities did you use?
Which Yellowbrick visualizer(s) did you use?
How comfortable did you feel with interpreting the visualizations? *
Not at all comfortable
Very comfortable
What type of difficulties with your loaded data did you encounter?
When following the examples was it clear what format, shape or data types were necessary to be used in the example yellowbrick class?
How did Yellowbrick visualizers aid your feature analysis and modeling processes?
What types of exceptions (if any) did you encounter?
Please check all that apply!
Error Tracebacks *
Please ensure that you have left any errors that you encountered while using the yellowbrick package with your example notebook data.
What types of Yellowbrick visualizers or utilities would you like to see added?
What were the challenges of working with Yellowbrick?
What would make Yellowbrick better?
Would you be interested in participating in a user study? *
How likely would you be to use Yellowbrick in your future projects? *
Very unlikely
Very likely
Any final comments?
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