So you want to be a LesCourt reviewer?
Reliable reviewers are an important and valuable part of every author's publishing journey. An ARC reader/listener is a volunteer who reads a book (usually) prior to publication, and posts a review on either Amazon or Goodreads - or both - within a certain timeframe. There is no compensation or reward for being an ARC reader other than the opportunity to read a book before everyone else!

Keeping an ARC team organized and thriving is a challenge, so one of the services offered by LesCourt Author Services is designed for just that - ARC/Review Management. Our job is to find the readers, send them the book, and ensure the reviews have been posted. We do not guarantee authors a specific rating level, but we hope every book will be a winner so that doesn't become an issue. :)

What we're looking for
LesCourt Author Services works with MM romance. That's it. Because it's what we love, and what we know, so we're looking for reviewers who love it just as much as we do. We're looking for reviewers who enjoy contemporary romance, romantic suspense, shifters, mpreg, and more. We don't expect every reader to love every genre - our goal is to have together a team with diverse reading tastes so we have something to offer any author who comes to us.

We're looking for reliable reviewers. If you're invited to join either of the LesCourt review teams, you don't have to accept every title that is offered. But if you DO - you will be expected to follow through on posting and reporting your review in a timely manner.

What we're NOT looking for
Freeloaders. You accept the book/audio, you leave a review. Simple.

Pirates. We aren't allowed to have you drawn and quartered, but anyone found to be sharing their ARCs with other people will be subject to the fury of an author who has had their work stolen from them.

Please don't make us have to kick people out of the group. We don't like being mean :(

Are you ready?
If you'd like to apply to be a part of the LesCourt teams, please continue! (You will want to be on a computer or device that lets you copy a web address.)
If you don't think it will work out, that's okay. Thanks for checking it out!
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