Empower citizens through lifelong career guidance centres
Citizens are at the core of the integrated model of lifelong career guidance centres. Principles are based on anonymous right, free of charge services to anyone, no appointment in career counselling, multi-services of information and counselling in career management including event about professions. It offers a neutral place of collaboration between stakeholders in the fields of education training, employment, entrepreneurship, etc. Professionals working in CItés des métiers have been helping people to learn by themselves and how to active/develop in a non-formal way their skills: soft skills, digital skills.
Cités des métiers can be seen as an advanced one-stop-shop model in lifelong career guidance. PES Network has recently seen cross-sectoral partnerships in one-stop-shop as an opportunity to provide more innovation and quality of services to citizens.

EU policies references :
Council Resolution of 21 November 2008 on better integrating lifelong guidance into lifelong learning strategies
Recommendation of the EC and of the Council on 18 December 2006 on key competences for lifelong learning

Objectives of this workshop is to promote the contribution of lifelong career guidance centres in the up-skilling of citizens/public and professionals, identify and analyse other practices in Europe.

Cités des métiers International Network will refer to a finalised project COCADE "DEveloping CAreer COunselling services in integrated spaces and two ongoing Erasmus+ project: DIMESCA - Digital MEdiation Skills in lifelong CAeer Guidance and KEEP IN PACT - «Keep innovation in multi partnership cooperation in lifelong career guidance services ».

When: Friday 6 December 2019, 13.30
Where: Cité des Métiers, Avenue de l'Astronomie 14, 1210 Brussels, Room Atomium
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