Buddy's Legacy
John (Buddy) McKay was a caring and gentle man. It was well known within our community that over the years he took care of many, many cats that were feral or had been abandoned. He loved all animals and was dedicated to feeding them and showing them kindness. It is in his honour that this special project to offer free spay/neuters for Shelburne County cats has been undertaken.

THIS SPECIFIC SPAY/NEUTER PROGRAM IS FOR SHELBURNE COUNTY RESIDENTS AND OWNED/STRAY/FERAL CATS ONLY! We have live traps available for loan for feral situations and our volunteers will do what we can to partner as needed.

Please fill out the application below to be considered for this program. All approved applicants will receive a certificate for a free spay/neuter. Applications are reviewed once a week. Each applicant will be contacted once their application has been processed.

THANK YOU for choosing to spay/neuter your owned or rescued cat!

Our promise: We operate in a confidential and respectful manner.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have given PET Projects permission to inquire about your pet with the Shelburne Veterinary Hospital.
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