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Welcome! Here are the steps to complete the analysis:

STEP 1: Answer the questions below so I can know a little about your language ability and your experience with English.

STEP 2: Watch for an email from ProfessorCoach. I will send you an email with instructions and a link to the recording site.

STEP 3: Record your voice. The link that I send you is for a site with instructions and 4 topics to discuss -- you will record your voice on that site.

STEP 4: When I receive your recordings, I will let you know they have arrived and that I am ready to analyze your pronunciation.

STEP 5: Watch for your results! In 4-5 days I will send you a preliminary analysis summary and a Paypal invoice by email. Then when the payment is received I will send you the full results and other materials.

STEP 6: Optional conference. If you would like to ask me questions about your results, we can plan a time to talk, either by telephone or by Skype!

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