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Founded in 2002 by undergraduate English majors, the Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism acts as an interdisciplinary forum centered around literature, culture, and politics. The journal is published once a year and includes articles, reviews, interviews, and original artwork. As an undergraduate publication, CJLC attempts to examine the world around us in a way that is informed by academia but not subsumed by it. CJLC also hosts events, including panel discussions with academics and writers (past topics have included The Medical Humanities, Pedagogies of Dissent, Geopolitics, Cosmopolitanism, and Occupy), and a seminar series where Columbia professors and graduate students talk about their research in a casual setting.

We are currently seeking editors, layout and design editors, and an events coordinator. You may apply for and hold multiple positions. Applications are especially welcome from underclassmen. You don’t need to be an English major - our editors are also drawn from Comp Lit, History, MESAAS, Religion, IRWGS, Philosophy and beyond.

To get a sense of what we do and who we are, we highly encourage you to check out columbiajournalofliterarycriticism.com. For questions, concerns, or general musings please email submittocjlc@gmail.com.

Please try to keep longer responses to under or around 250-300 words.

Due September 25

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Please respond to an article from the most recent issue on Consumption (http://columbiajournalofliterarycriticism.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/cjlc_2017_re-print1.2.pdf). Do you find it successful or not? Why and in what ways? What changes might you have made?
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