Method A - Smart Meter
Use this form if you have access to online smart meter data (through your utility company).

Using your electricity utility’s online website, download your HOURLY usage data, (for as long a period as possible) to Excel. Complete the form below.

Please email the Excel file of your HOURLY usage data to (You may also send any meter reading photos you have to this email address.)

Here's how we'll use the data you send us:
We’ll calculate the average hourly usage for the most recent April & May or Sept & Oct, by week. These are months when HVAC use is least likely in our area. (If you tell us you have a solar installation, we’ll only do this for the hours of midnight to 6 am.) The two week-hour combos with the lowest kWh usage will be used as the estimate of your home’s full idle load. For example, April 23-30 from 3 to 4 am and May 7 – 14 from 4 to 5 am. These 14 hourly readings will be averaged.

We'll email the results back to you and be interested in your observations about the findings! Thanks again for participating.

If you need help, call us at (484) 646-3295 or send email to

PLEASE KNOW: Absolutely nothing identifying you or your property will be shared with others, unless you ask us to. The energy findings from this project will be reported on collectively, without every divulging any personal information. Any questions, do let us know. Thanks.

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Thank you for supporting this research!
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