Authentic Wellness Group Nutrition Coaching Application
Hey there! I am so excited that you're interested in joining Authentic Wellness, a 9 week group coaching program designed to help you:

-redefine wellness (in a way that supports the stuff you TRULY care about)
-feel more confident about exploring “nutrition science” (WITHOUT restriction, sacrifice, or body shame)
-build sustainable, energizing rituals and routines (that you’ll actually WANT to stick to)

This program includes:
-weekly live coaching calls (multiple time slots will be available to ensure you can make it!)
-pre-recorded (short n sweet) educational modules
-intentional journal prompts in your inbox
-LIVE (or recorded) fitness classes with extremely amazing guest teachers

It’s overwhelming to navigate all the nutrition noise on your own. And your brain space is TOO valuable to be stressing about the science of self-care. You deserve support in finding a intuitive, authentic routine that helps you fuel a fulfilling life for the long-term!

Ready to apply? We start on Friday, June 11th! Fill out this form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours!
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Have you worked with a nutritionist or dietitian before? If yes, what did you like about the experience? What did you dislike about the experience? *
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This is NOT a weight loss program. We will not use weight loss as a marker of progress. Instead, we will explore things like energy levels, quality of life, mental/emotional state, blood pressure, lab values, digestion, rate of perceived exertion (...and many other factors besides weight, body shape, or size). Type YES to confirm your understanding of this. *
The investment for this 9 week program is $880. How would you like to make this investment? *
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