Chapter 3 - Legal, Ethics, and Documentation
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1. Which of the following government agencies is responsible for implementing and enforcing laws passed by the legislative branch of government? *
2. Assessing the ABC’s, doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillation (AED), and bandaging wounds are duties that fall under an EMR’s_________ *
3. Information that the EMR's receive from their patients that must be kept confidential is known as_______ *
4. You arrive on the scene of an acident and begin assessing the patient. He is able to tell you his name, where he is, the day and time, and what happened. This patient has______ *
5. Your patient is unresponsive and has no pulse. You begin CPR. In this case, you are working under which type of consent? *
6. Your patient is complaining of chest pain and shortness of breath, but does not want to be treated or transported to the hospital as you've recommended. While waiting for ALS to arrive and document the refusal of care, you should________ *
7. Your elderly patient is not breathing and has no pulse. Her husband informs you that she has an advanced directive and gives you the paperwork. The advanced directive states that the patient does not want resuscitation. You should_____ *
8. POLST stands for ___________ Orders of Life-Sustaining Treatment *
9. The unlawful touching of another person without consent is called? *
10. In a negligence charge, one of the four elements that must be proven is that the actions or inactions of the EMS professional caused or contributed to the injury. This is known as the _______ cause. *
11. In a lawsuit, the person who files a formal complaint with the court is known as the ________ *
12. At the hospital, a paramedic transfers care of thier patient to a volunteer greeter who is covering the ER admitting desk for a few minutes while the admitting nurse has stepped away. In this case, they could be charged with_______ *
13. An unresponsive patient has lost a pulse and your partner states that his driver's license identifies the patient as an organ donor. You should_____ *
14. As you are double-checking your patient care report, you realize that you documented an incorrect blood pressure. You should_____ *
15. First Responders are mandated reporters, which means that they are required to report which of the following to the appropriate authorities? *
16. Your elderly female patient has a burn on her forearm from a kitchen accident, she shows signs of disorientation and confusion. She wants you to apply a bandage and leave and is refusing transport. You should_____ *
17. Which of the following is a role of the Emergency Medical Responder? *
18. Injuring a person's character, name, or reputation by false and malicious spoken words is called ______ *
19. Your patient has fallen 15 feet from a ladder and is complaining of neck pain. You explain to him that you are going to put a cervical collar on him and put him on a backboard to protect his spine, he agrees to this treatment. What type of consent did you use to provide this care? *
20. You are called for an emergency at an amusement park. A 13 year-old has been crushed between two cars on a ride. He is having trouble breathing. In this situation *
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