TEDxHuntsville Volunteer Application
Every year, a group of passionate individuals commit time and energy to organize TEDxHuntsville. We're looking for diligent, self-managed, hard-working folk who want to meet incredible people and share amazing ideas.
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Please read over the volunteer descriptions and select which one best fits you.

Event Day Volunteer - Best way to get started with minimal responsibilities. Roles include event setup, greeters, registration/tickets, tech crew assistance, servers, and smiling faces. Includes attending and supporting other TEDxHuntsville events including TEDxLive, TEDxSalons and TEDx Adventures.

Organizing Team - Requires event day coordination. These individuals meet, plan and organize TEDxHuntsville and its smaller events year round. Ability to plan, manage and deliver numerous projects working with various teams leads, proficiency in maintaining key relationships, strong interpersonal and communication skills and decision-making abilities are required. Position will be assigned after a interview process is completed.

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