Stay Boutique Re-brand Survey
We'd so appreciate if you could take the time out of your day to answer a few questions regarding the next movements of Stay Boutique and what you, the Boutique Believers would like to see most.
Which Stay Boutique accounts do you keep up with?
Which of the following do you look to Stay Boutique to curate for you?
We have recently changed our logo to an image of a cherry. How does this content resonate with you?
Why do you feel this way about the new Stay Boutique logo?
Your answer
What can Stay Boutique do to resonate as a more serious and professional organization?
What would make Stay Boutique's content of greater interest to you as an individual?
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Would you subscribe to Stay Boutique Magazine?
How much would you pay to subscribe to one year of the bi-annual Stay Boutique Magazine ?
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