CICS Student Event/Club Funding Request
* Use this form to request funding that supports a one-time student event, or starting a student club (assuming you are requesting funding on a per-year basis).
* You must be an active student in the program.
Name *
Email Address *
Brief Description of the event or club you are requesting funding for (1 to 2 paragraphs) *
All student organizations requesting funding from the college must have a CICS faculty liaison or faculty contact. What's the name of your faculty liaison? *
Logistics (for event, describe the planned date(s) and location of the event; for club, describe the planned regular meeting schedule and location) *
Number of participants expected *
Total Amount Requested (for club, we assume the amount you request is for one year. If not, please describe the time range it covers). *
Budget (a detailed bullet list of spending items and associated costs) *
Due to limited funding resources, the amount we provide may not be able to cover the total cost of your event or club. Do you have other funding sources (such as industrial funding, membership fees). If so, please describe them in detail. *
Justification (explain why CICS should support this event/club, such as how does it benefit CICS students, or how does it advance the mission of CICS etc.) *
Committee Decision (for official use only, NOT to be filled by student)
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