Statement of Academic Faculty of Georgia Tech on the COVID-19 Crisis and Fall 2020 Semester
July 2, 2020

Georgia Tech, like peer institutions, faces a profound challenge: we are preparing for the Fall 2020 semester amidst a worsening Covid-19 pandemic. As academic faculty in a world-class Institute of Technology, we expect our leadership, who understand the culture and needs of the Institute community, to have the authority to develop reopening plans in our collective interest. We expect that planning and decisions to be made in accordance with scientific evidence that prioritize the health and safety of the Georgia Tech community and the greater Atlanta community. Contrary to those expectations, re-opening plans at Georgia Tech have been shaped based on guidance from outside the Institute, and with limited input from the faculty who are being asked to carry out these plans. We are alarmed to see the Board of Regents and the University System of Georgia mandating procedures that do not follow science-based evidence, increase the health risks to faculty, students, and staff, and interfere with the nimble decision-making necessary to prepare and respond to Covid-19 infection risk.  

As academic faculty of Georgia Tech, we assert our fundamental professional and ethical responsibility to provide for the health and safety of students and the integrity of the educational process. We assert that current reopening plans are inconsistent with a safe return to campus by students, staff, and faculty. Furthermore, we do not feel secure that the education we will be offering to students in Fall 2020 will be free from significant and foreseeable disruption.

Therefore, the undersigned academic faculty of Georgia Tech express their belief that the best way forward to ensure a safer start of the Fall 2020 semester is to:

1. Empower the President of Georgia Tech to act independently to safeguard the health and safety needs of the Georgia Tech community, informed by scientific evidence.

2. Make remote delivery the default mode of instruction for Fall 2020 in order to reduce disease transmission risk and to reduce disruption of educational delivery in the event of worsening epidemic conditions. We emphasize that no faculty, staff, or student should be coerced into risking their health and the health of their families by working and/or learning on campus when there is a remote/online equivalent.

3. Make on-campus experiences available for the limited number of students who need access to campus residences and on-campus laboratories or other specialized facilities.

4. Make face masks required everywhere on campus, provide large-scale Covid-19 testing, and ensure timely contact tracing of new infections.

Institute leadership and faculty must prepare for a safer opening with academic integrity by communicating a clear and revised Fall plan, in accord with the above points, as soon as possible. Rapid and principled decision making is needed to ensure students can make the necessary travel and housing arrangements, faculty can make their own decisions about the best way to deliver their courses, prioritizing remote instruction over on-campus meetings as necessary to reduce the risk of infection, and staff are safeguarded as well as informed and prepared to work in collaboration with faculty and students to advance the Institute’s mission.

We believe that decisions about how to best educate Georgia Tech students require a detailed knowledge of the challenges and constraints that are unique to Georgia Tech. It is for this reason we feel compelled to express in the strongest of terms that not providing President Cabrera the autonomy to shape Institute decision-making and policies in response to Covid-19 with the input of the campus community endangers our research and education missions and, most importantly, threatens the health, wellbeing and education of students, staff, and faculty.

In closing, we are committed to work with the Georgia Tech Executive Leadership Team to maintain the reputation of Georgia Tech as an institution that rests on the furtherance of scientific knowledge and technological change to improve the human condition, by securing the integrity and continuity of the education process, and by providing for the health and safety of the entire Georgia Tech community.


1. Janet H Murray IAC Dean's Professor/ADR    IAC/LMC
2. Devesh Ranjan Professor CoE/ME
3. Julia Kubanek Professor College of Sciences, School of Biological Sciences, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
4. Seth Marder       Professor  Chemistry and Biochemistry
5. Krista Walton        Professor   CoE/ChBE
6. Andres J Garcia Regents' Professor CoE/ME & IBB
7. Joshua Weitz           Professor         School of Biological Sciences
8. Nancey Green Leigh Professor College of Design, School of City & Regional Planning
9. Gregory Abowd Professor        CoC/IC
10. Martin Mourigal Associate Professor Physics
11. Amy Bruckman Professor CoC/IC
12. Juan Carlos Rodriguez Associate Professor of Spanish Modern Languages
13. Jenny McGuire Assistant Professor CoS/SoBS/EAS
14. Mark E Hay Regents and Teasley Professor School of Biological Sciences
15. Lin Jiang Professor College of Sciences, School of Biological Sciences
16. Audrey Duarte Professor College of Science/Psychology
17. Irfan Essa Professor CoC/IC
18. Alberto Stolfi Assistant Professor School of Biological Sciences
19. Elisabetta Matsumoton Assistant Professor CoS/Physics
20. Tim Cope Professor CoS/BIOS,BME
21. Kelly Comfort Associate Professor/DUS Ivan Allen/Modern Languages
22. Sauvik Das Assistant Professor CoC / IC
23. Francesca Storici Professor College of Sciences, School of Biological Sciences
24. Hang Lu Professor CoE/ChBE
25. Amit R. Reddi Associate Professor School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
26. Eric Schumacher   Professor Psychology
27. Gregory S. Sawicki Associate Professor ME and BioSci
28. Robert Butera Professor CoE/BME and ECE
29. Chengzhi Shi Assistant Professor School of Mechanical Engineering
30. Min Zhou Professor School of Mechanical Engineering
31. Paul Verhaeghen Professor CoS/Psychology
32. Terry Blum Professor SCoB
33. Joseph Montoya Professor CoS/School of Biological Sciences
34. Nader Sadegh Associate Professor CoE/ME
35. Daniel Goldman Dunn Family Professor Physics
36. Kim Kurtis Professor COE, CEE & MSE
37. Hailong Chen Associate Professor COE/ME
38. Yogendra Joshi Professor CoE/ME
39. Lewis Wheaton Professor CoS/BIOS
40. Amit Jariwala Sr. Academic Professional CoE
41. Steven Salbu Professor and Cecil B. Day Chair of Ethics Scheller College
42. Jung Choi Associate Professor School of Biosciences
43. Jerry Qi Professor CoE/ME
44. Patrick McGrath Associate Professor Biological Sciences
45. Michael Leamy Professor CoE/ME
46. Shannon Yee Associate Professor CoE/ME
47. Jason Freeman Professor CoD/Music
48. Surya Kalidindi Professor ME
49. Carlos Silva Professor CoS/CHEM,PHYS
50. David Rosen Professor CoE/ME
51. Randall Engle Professor CoS/Psychology
52. Mark Wheeler Professor College of Sciences, School of Psychology
53. Sonia Chernova Associate Professor CoC/IC
54. Michael Evans Senior Academic Professional College of Sciences
55. Aaron Levine Associate Professor Public Policy
56. Blair Brettmann Assistant Professor COE/CHBE and MSE
57. Sam Coogan Assistant Professor CoE/ECE and CEE
58. Mary McDonald Professor IAC/History and Sociology
59. Joseph Mendelson Adjunct BIOS
60. Steven Liang Professor Mechanical Engineering
61. Karim Sabra Professor CoE/ME
62. Kim Cobb Professor COS/EAS
63. Munmun De Choudhury Associate Professor CoC/Interactive Computing
64. Dana Randall Professor CoC
65. Sam Brown Professor CoS / SBS
66. Teresa Snow Sr. Academic Professional School of Biological Sciences
67. Santanu Dey Professor COE/isye
68. Matthew Torres Associate Professor CoS/SOBS
69. Simon Sponberg Associate Professor CoS/Physics & Bio Sci
70. Jean Lynch-Stieglitz Professor CoS/EAS
71. Tequila Harris Associate Professor COE/ME
72. Robert Dickson Professor CoS/Chemistry & Biochemistry
73. Samuel Graham Professor COE/ME and MSE
74. Brandon Dixon Professor CoE/ME
75. Alper Erturk Professor CoE/ME
76. Brian Hammer Associate Professor CoS/School of Biological Sciences
77. Levent Degertekin Professor CoE/ME
78. Kristie Macrakis Professor IAC/HSOC
79. Usha Nair-Reichert Associate Professor Economics/IAC
80. Gregory Zinman Associate Professor LMC
81. Nga Lee Ng Associate Professor ChBE/EAS
82. Mary E. Peek Principal Academic Professional CoS/School of Chemistry and Biochemistry  
83. Joseph Lachance Assistant Professor CoS/Biological Sciences
84. Satish Kumar Associate Professor ME
85. Yanni Loukissas Assistant Professor IAC/LMC
86. Seung Hoon Lee Assistant Professor School of Economics
87. S. Mostafa Ghiaasiaan Professor CoE/ME
88. Ankur Singh Associate Professor COE/ME, COE/BME
89. Ting Zhu Professor CoE/ME
90. Zeb Rocklin Assistant Professor Physics
91. Seung Woo Lee Associate Professor CoE/ME
92. Flavio H Fenton Professor/Physics CoS
93. Joshua Kretchmer Assistant Professor Chemistry
94. Anne Sullivan Assistant Professor IAC/LMC
95. Yuanzhi Tang Associate Professor CoS/EAS
96. Kyriaki Kalaitzidou Professor CoE /ME-MSE
97. Catherine Ross Professor College of Design
98. Julian J. Rimoli Associate Professor CoE/AE
99. Neha Garg Assistant Professor CoS/school of Chemistry and Biochemistry
100. Annalisa Bracco Professor CoS/EAS
101. Bruce Stiftel Professor Emeritus College of Design
102. Marta Hatzell Assistant Professor CoE/ME
103. M.G. Finn Professor and Chair School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
104. Carol Colatrella Professor IAC/LMC
105. Liang Han Assistant professor School of biological sciences
106. Charles L. Liotta Regents' Professor Emeritus CoS/Chem
107. Kostas Konstantinidis Professor CEE
108. Michael Schatz Professor College of Sciences, School of Physics
109. Natashia Boland Professor CoE/ISyE
110. Martin Savelsbergh Professor ISyE
111. Christopher Jones Professor CoE/ChBE
112. William Ratcliff Associate Professor School of Biological Sciences
113. Rebecca Burnett Class of '58 Professor School of Literature, Media, and Communication
114. Alex Robel Assistant Professor CoS/EAS
115. Kim French Professor CoS/Psych
116. Richard Barke Associate Professor and DUS Public Policy
117. Carol Senf Professor/DUS IAC/LMC
118. Rick Thomas Associate Professor CoS/Psyc
119. Al Merrill Professor Emeritus CoS/Biological Sciences
120. Julia Melkers Associate Professor School of Public Policy
121. Peter Hesketh Professor Mechanical Engineering
122. Raquel Lieberman Professor School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
123. Shalu Suri Academic professional BME
124. Eugene Kim Associate Professor SCoB
125. Kathy Wang Assistant Professor Scheller College of Business
126. Lisa Yaszek Regents Professor LMC
127. Jennifer Glass Associate Professor EAS
128. Jin Liu Associate Professor IAC
129. Ed Balog Associate Professor CoS/Biological Sciences
130. Lucien Dhooge Sue & John Staton Professor of Law Scheller College
131. Shuyi Nie Assistant professor CoS/BIOS
132. Jonathan Colton Professor CoE/ME
133. Baratunde Cola Professor and FAR ME
134. Zhuomin Zhang Professor COE/ME
135. Stephen Sprigle Professor CoD ID/ CoE ME
136. David McDowell Regents Professor COE/ME/MSE
137. Laura Cadonati Professor CoS/Physics
138. Craig Forest Professor CoE/ME
139. Meilin Liu Professor CoE/MSE
140. Yuhang Hu Assistant Professor CoE/ME
141. Amy D'Unger Senior Academic Prof/ADUS IAC, School of History and Sociology
142. Amanda Girard Academic Professional CoC
143. Beki Grinter Professor CoC/IC
144. Joel Kostka Professor and Associate Chair for Research CoC/Biosci, EAS
145. Thackery Brown Assistant Professor CoS/Psychology
146. Christopher Wiese Assistant Professor CoS/Psychology
147. Srinivas Garimella Professor ME
148. Ellen Zegura Regents Professor CoC/CS
149. Aaron Santesso Professor LMC
150. Rodney Weber Professor CoS/EAS
151. Edwin Greco Academic Professional CoS/Physics
152. Christopher E. Carr Assistant Professor (incoming) CoE/AE & CoS/EAS
153. Andrew Zangwill Professor COS/Physics
154. Bernard Kippelen Professor CoE/ECE
155. John Wise Associate Professor CoS/PHYS
156. Christopher Hertzog Professor School of Psychology
157. Karen Feigh Professor COE/AE
158. Olivier Pierron Professor CoE/ME
159. Ian Bogost Professor IAC/LMC, CoC/IC
160. Hamid  Garmestani Professor COE/MSE
161. Robert Kirkman Associate Professor IAC/PubP
162. Aaron Young Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering
163. Nepomuk Otte Associate Professor SoP/CoS
164. Saad Bhamla Assistant Professor CoE/ChBE
165. Hugh Crawford Associate Professor LMC
166. Anant Paravastu Associate Professor CoE/ChBE
167. Martha Grover Professor ChBE
168. Anna Erickson Associate Professor ME/NRE
169. Molly Slavin Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow LMC
170. Hyesoon Kim Associate Professor CoC/CS
171. Corey Goergen Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow LMC
172. Fumin Zhang Professor Electrical Engineering
173. Mark Prausnitz Regents Professor CoE/CHBE
174. Woon-Hong Yeo Assistant Professor CoE/ME
175. Julie Champion Associate Professor COE/ChBE
176. Peter Yunker Assistant Professor CoS/Physics
177. Jeannette Yen Professor Biological Sciences
178. Joseph Scott Associate Professor CoE/CHBE
179. Christopher Reinhard Assistant Professor CoS
180. Steve Diggle Associate Professor School of Biological Sciences
181. Frank L. Hammond III Assistant Professor CoC/ME and BME
182. Enlu Zhou Associate Professor CoE/ISyE
183. Jeffrey Donnell Principal Academic Professional CoE/ME
184. Minami Yoda Professor CoE/ME
185. F. Joseph Schork Professor Emeritus CoE/ChBE
186. Chrissy Spencer Senior Academic Professional CoS/BioSci
187. Frank Dellaert Professor CoC/IC
188. Lu Liu Visiting Assistant Professor School of Modern Languages
189. Harold Kim Associate Professor CoS/Physics
190. Steven Biegalski Professor CoE/ME
191. Andrew Medford Assistant Professor CoE/ChBE
192. Richard W. Neu Professor CoE/ME
193. Prasad Tetali Regents' Professor COS/SOM, COC/SCS
194. Elora Raymond Assistant Professor School of City and Regional Planning
195. Alex Orso Professor CoC/CS
196. Emily Grubert Assistant Professor CoE/CEE
197. Kurt Wiesenfeld Professor CoS/Physics
198. Xing Xie Assistant Professor CoE/CEE
199. Will Gutekunst Assistant Professor CoS/CHEM
200. Wing Suet Li Professor CoS/Math
201. Claudio Di Leo Assistant Professor CoE/AE
202. Preet Singh Professor CoE
203. Shimeng Yu Associate Professor CoE/ECE
204. Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb Professor CoE/ME-MSE
205. Alexandra Edwards Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Faculty LMC
206. Pascal Van Hentenryck Professor CoE/ISyE
207. Josephine Yu Associate Professor CoS
208. Michael Loss Professor CoS/SoM
209. Courtney Hoffman Postdoctoral Fellow IAC/LMC
210. Young-Hui Chang Professor CoS/BioSci
211. Zhiwu Lin Professor Mathematics
212. Howard M. Weiss Professor CoS/Psychology
213. Jennifer Kaiser Assistant Professor CoE/CEE
214. David Ballantyne Professor CoS/Physics
215. Levi Wood Assistant Professor ME
216. Neha Gupta Academic Professional CoS/Math
217. Dave Goldsman Professor COE/ISyE
218. Michael Lacey Professor Mathematics
219. Ingeborg Schmidt-Krey Associate Professor CoS / Biological Sciences / Chemistry and Biochemistry
220. Bojan Petrovic Professor CoE/NRE
221. Rachel Dean-Ruzicka Lecturer LMC/IAC
222. Roshan Joseph Professor CoE/ISYE
223. Nag Gebraeel Georgia Power Professor CoE/ISyE
224. Richard Sapp Lecturer SCoB
225. Yonathan Thio Senior Lecturer CoE/ChBE
226. Michael Filler Associate Professor CoE/ChBE
227. Marvin Whiteley Professor Biological Sciences
228. Jianjun Shi Professor CoE/ISyE
229. David Ku Regents' and LP Huang Chair CoE/SCoB
230. Jeffrey Skolnick Regents Professor, GRA Eminent Scholar, Gibson Chairs COS
231. Damon P. Williams Lecturer CoE/ISyE
232. Natalie Stingelin Professor MSE/ChBE
233. T Richard Nichols Professor CoS/Bio Sci
234. Abdul-Hamid Zureick Professor School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
235. Pinar Keskinocak Professor CoE/ISYE
236. Shahaf Nitzan Associate Professor CoS/SoM
237. Takamitsu Ito Associate Professor CoS/EAS
238. Yao Xie Associate professor CoE
239. Andrew Newman Professor CoS/EAS
240. Seth Hutchinson Professor CoC/IC
241. Jonathan Rogers Associate Professor CoE/AE
242. Mustaque Ahamad Professor College of Computing
243. Sham Navathe Professor CoC/CS
244. David Citrin Professor ECE
245. Chongchun Zeng Professor CoS/SoM
246. Yongsheng Chen Professor COE/CEE
247. Suresh Menon Professor COE/AE
248. Ryan Blunck Lecturer Scheller College of Business
249. Roger Wartell Professor Emeritus School of Biological Sciences/ School of Physics
250. Alok Amatya Lecturer LMC
251. Katie Farris Associate Professor LMC
252. Wenjing Liao Assistant Professor COS/Math
253. Edwin Romeijn Professor COE/ISyE
254. Kamran Paynabar Associate Professor COE/ISyE
255. Thomas Orlando Professor CoS/Chemistry
256. Leonid Bunimovich Regents' Professor MATH
257. Ignacio Taboada Professor Physics
258. Shatakshee Dhongde Associate Prof IAC/ECON
259. Kendra Slayton Postdoctoral Fellow IAC/LMC
260. Francis M Ulgado Associate Professor/CIBER Faculty Director Scheller College of Business
261. Loren Williams Professor School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
262. Keith Edwards Professor College of Computing/Interactive Computing
263. Allen Hyde Assistant Professor IAC/HSOC
264. Jake Soper Associate Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry
265. Paul Russo Professor MSE/COE and SCB/COS
266. Yongxin Chen Assistant Professor CoE/AE
267. Barry Branch Ledbetter Professor of the Practice of Real Estate Development Scheller College of Business
268. Klara Grodzinsky Academic Professional CoS/Math
269. Youjiang Wang Professor MSE
270. Mary Holder Academic Professional CoS/Psychology
271. Julie Linsey Associate Professor CoE/ME
272. Mohan Srinivasarao Professor COE/MSE
273. Ashwin Ram Adjunct Professor College of Computing
274. Shana Kerr Senior Academic Professional CoS/Biological Sciences
275. George Thomas Marian L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow LMC
276. Peng Qiu Associate Professor BME
277. Mark Styczynski Associate Professor CoE/ChBE
278. Mimi Ensley Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow LMC
279. Brian Magerko Professor/DGS LMC/IC/Psych
280. Greg Blekherman Associate Professor CoS/Math
281. Meisha Shofner Associate Professor COE/MSE
282. Melissa Foulger Senior Academic Professional LMC
283. J. Andrew Salyer Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Faculty LMC
284. Ryan Lively Associate Professor COE/ChBE
285. Chethan Pandarinath Assistant Professor CoE/BME
286. Julien Meaud Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering
287. Kent Linthicum Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow IAC/LMC
288. Umakishore Ramachandran Professor CoC
289. Vinayak Agarwal Assistant Professor CoS/ SoCB/ SoBS
290. Stuart Graham Associate Professor SCoB
291. Ravi Kane Professor COE
292. Walt de Heer Regents' Professor Physics
293. Victor Breedveld Associate Professor CoE/ChBE
294. Doug Blough Professor CoE/ECE
295. Manu Platt Associate Professor CoE / BME
296. Lew Lefton Principal Academic Professional CoS/Math
297. Christine Valle Senior Academic Professional COE/ME
298. Gabe Kwong Associate Professor CoE/BME
299. Christie Stewart Academic Professional CoS/BioSci
300. Arkadi Nemirovski Professor and Jh. Hunter Academic Chair COE/ISyE
301. Ling Liu Professor CoC/CS
302. Enid Steinbart Principal Academic Professional Mathematics
303. Mo Burke Senior Academic Professional CoS/Math
304. Charlie Kemp Associate Professor CoE/BME
305. Joe Brown Assistant Professor School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
306. Yao Yao Assistant Professor CoS/Math
307. Carrie Shepler Principal Academic Professional CoS/School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
308. Thomas M. Conte Professor CoC/CS
309. Ronald Arkin Regents Professor CoC/IC
310. Tong Zhou Professor School of ECE
311. Costa Arvanitis Assistant Professor CoE/BME/ME
312. Valeria Milam Associate Professor MSE CoE
313. Azad Naeemi Professor CoE/ECE
314. Turgay Ayer Associate Professor ISyE
315. Jian Luo Associate Professor CoE/CEE
316. Arn Rubinoff Senior Lecturer SCoB
317. Hannah Markley Postdoctoral Fellow Literature, Media, and Communication
318. Federico Bonetto Associate Professor SoM
319. Tuo Zhao Assistant Professor ISYE
320. Faisal Alamgir Associate Professor COE/MSE
321. Ross Ethier Professor and GRA Eminent Scholar CoE/BME
322. Young C. Jang Assistant Professor CoS/BioSci
323. Sheng Dai Assistant Professor CoE/CER
324. Kirill Lobachev Associate Professor School of Biological Sciences
325. Christos Alexopoulos Professor COE/ISyE
326. Andrew Peterson Professor CoE/ECE
327. Kari Watkins Associate Professor CEE
328. George Nemhauser Professor ISyE
329. Thomas R. Kurfess Professor CoE/ME
330. Anton Leykin Professor SoM
331. Merrick L. Furst Distinguished Professor CoC
332. Chuck Zhang Professor CoE/ISYE
333. Boris I. Prilutsky Professor CoC/School of Biological Sciences
334. Jun Ueda Professor CoE/ME
335. Bilal Haider Assistant Professor CoE
336. Blair MacIntyre Professor CoC/IC
337. JC Gumbart Associate Professor/Physics CoS
338. Mark Losego Associate Professor CoE/MSE
339. Robert Foley Professor ISyE
340. Greg Gibson Professor CoS/BIO
341. Michael Best Professor IAC/CoC
342. Jye-Chyi Lu Professor Engineering/Industrial and Systems Engineering
343. Garrett Stanley Professor CoE/BME
344. YongTae Kim Associate Professor CoE/ME
345. Alexander Shapiro Professor COE/ISyE
346. Swati Gupta Assistant Professor CoE/ISYE
347. Minoru Shinohara Associate Professor CoS/BioSci
348. Tiffany Johnson Assistant Professor Scheller College of Business
349. Pamela Bhatti Associate Professor CoE/ECE
350. Zhigang Jiang Associate Professor CoS/PHYS
351. Annabelle Singer Assistant Professor CoE/BME
352. Mark Riedl Associate Professor COC/IC
353. Christine Heitsch Professor CoS/SoM
354. Jennifer Hom Associate Professor CoS/SoM
355. Xiaoming Huo Professor CoE/ISyE
356. Sourabh Saha Assistant Professor CoE/ME
357. Michael Hoffmann Associate Professor IAC / SPP
358. Julia Babensee Associate Professor CoE/BME
359. Richard (Rich) Vuduc Professor CoC/CSE
360. Jennifer Curtis Associate Professor SoP
361. Erin Buckley Assistant Professor CoE/BME
362. Scott Marble Chair & Professor Architecture
363. Facundo M. Fernandez Vasser-Wooley Professor CoS/CHEM
364. Faramarz Fekri Professor ECE
365. Moinuddin Qureshi Professor CoC
366. Javier Irizarry Associate Professor College of Design / School of Building Construction
367. Robert Thomas Professor of the Practice SCOB
368. Karen Head Associate Professor & Associate Chair School of Literature, Media, and Communication
369. Umit V. Catalyurek Professor COC/CSE
370. Danielle Willkens Assistant Professor CoD/SoA
371. John Barry Professor CoE/ECE
372. Dima Nazzal Sr. Acad. Prof. COE/ISyE
373. Panagiotis Tsiotras Professor CoE/AE
374. Carl DiSalvo Associate Professor College of Computing
375. Magnus Egerstedt Professor and School Chair CoE/ECE
376. Brian Kennedy Professor CoS / Physics
377. Julie Kim Associate Professor College of Design/School of Architecture
378. Craig Zimring Professor/Director SimTigrate Design Lab CoD/SoA/SimTigrate Design Lab
379. Keith Kaseman Assistant Professor COD / School of Architecture
380. Benjamin Klein Associate Professor CoE/ECE
381. Christopher Rozell Professor COE/ECE
382. Lars Spuybroek Professor COD/SoA
383. Yajun Mei Associate Professor CoE/ISyE
384. Stanislav Emelianov Professor CoE/ECE, CoE/BME
385. Pengfei Liu Assistant Professor CoS/EAS
386. Michelle LaPlaca Associate Professor CoE/BME
387. Pete Ludovice Associate Professor ChBE
388. Deborah Turner Associate Professor SCoB
389. John Peponis Professor Architecture - College of Design
390. Sonit Bafna Associate Professor CoD/Architecture
391. E. Kent Barefield Professor Emeritus CoS/CHEM
392. Tushar Krishna Assistant Professor CoE/ECE
393. Ben Galfond Associate Academic Professional ChBE
394. Russell Gentry Associate Professor CoD / School of Architecture
395. Alena Alamgir Lecturer CoE/MSE
396. Mark Borodovsky Regents' Professor COE/BME and COC/CSE
397. Frank Rosenzweig Professor School of Biological Sciences
398. Debora Mesa Professor CoD/SOA
399. Matthieu Bloch Associate Professor CoE/ECE
400. Ghassan AlRegib Professor COE/ECE
401. Angus P Wilkinson Prof. CoS/CHEM
402. Thang Le Professor CoS/SoM
403. Cheng Mao Assistant Professor CoS/SoM
404. Tamara Bogdanovic Associate Professor CoS / Physics
405. Jennifer Leavey Principal Academic Professional CoS/BioSci
406. Greg Mayer Academic Professonal CoS/Math
407. Alan Erera Professor CoE/ISyE
408. Mark Cottle Associate Professor Architecture
409. Sabir Khan Associate Professor Architecture; & Industrial Design
410. Tucker Balch Professor CoC/IC
411. Mark Davenport Associate Professor ECE
412. Britney Schmidt Associate Professor Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
413. Alasdair Young Professor IAC/INTA
414. Alex Blumenthal Assistant Professor SoM
415. Nick Willett Assistant Professor BME
416. Jie He Assistant Professor CoS/EAS
417. Vivek Sarkar Professor CoC/SCS
418. George B. Johnston Professor CoD/ARCH
419. Omar Asensio Assistant Professor IAC/Public Policy
420. Cecilia Montes-Alcalá Associate Professor IAC/ML
421. Cheng Zhu Regents' Professor BME/ME/Physics
422. Gordon Berman Adjunct Assistant Professor Biomedical Engineering
423. Chao Zhang Assistant Professor CoC/CSE
424. Lionel Bruno Gall Senior Lecturer ML
425. Ben Wang Professor COE/ISyE/MSE
426. Jan Uelzmann Associate Professor IAC/ML
427. Dan Kotlyar Assistant Professor CoE/ME
428. Mathieu Dahan Assistant Professor CoE/ISyE
429. Bianca Batti Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow LMC
430. Dongmei Wang Professor COE/BME
431. James Hays Associate Professor CoC/IC
432. Ayda Melika Visiting Assistant Professor Modern Languages and HSOC
433. Lakshmi Prasad Dasi Professor CoE/BME
434. Daniel Molzahn Assistant Professor CoE/ECE
435. Ye Zhao Assistant Professor CoE/ME
436. Harris Dimitropoulos Associate Professor CoD/Architecture
437. Rachel Kuske Professor and Chair CoS/Math
438. Thanos Economou Professor CoD/SOA
439. Sandra McGury Teaching Postdoc Ivan Allen / Modern Languages
440. Lauren Stewart Associate Professor COE/CEE
441. Dan Margalit Professor CoS/SoM
442. Christopher Heil Professor MATH
443. Predrag Cvitanovic Professor and G Robinson Chair CoS/SoP
444. Gamze Tokol Goldsman Lecturer ISyE
445. Bill Winders Associate Professor/DGS IAC/HSOC
446. Jeff Fallis Visiting Lecturer School of Literature, Media, and Communication
447. Marc Weissburg Professor of Biological Sciences, Brook Byers Institute of Sustainability Professor, Co-Director of the Center for Biologically-inspired Design CoS
448. Gongjie Li Assistant Professor CoS/Physics
449. Christopher Jankowski Academic Professional CoS/SoM
450. David Garton Senior Lecturer CoS/Biological Sciences
451. Naresh Thadhani Professor and Chair Materials Science and Engineering
452. Kok Meng Lee Professor Mechanical Engineering
453. Jun Xu Professor CoC
454. David Anderson Professor ECE
455. Tibor Besedes Associate Professor IAC/SOE
456. Georgia Persons Professor IAC/SPP
457. Felix J. Herrmann Professor EAS/CSE/ECE
458. Julia Tigner Postdoctoral Fellow IAC/LMC
459. John D. Cressler Chair Professor CoE/ECE
460. James M. Rehg Professor CoC/IC
461. Lisa Rosenstein Principal Academic Professional CoE/CEE
462. Vahid Serpooshan Assistant Professor CoE/BME
463. Michael Goodisman Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Biological Sciences CoS
464. Brad Rittenhouse Academic Professional IAC
465. Aselia Urmanbetova Associate Academic Professional IAC / ECON
466. Shuman Xia Associate Professor CoE/ME
467. Eric Schatzberg Professor and Chair HSOC
468. Lizzy LeRud Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow School of Literature, Media, and Communication
469. Kathleen Schaag Postdoctoral Fellow IAC/LMC
470. Colin Harrison Academic Professional CoS/BioSci
471. Jarek Rossignac Professor COC/IC
472. Haesun Park Regents Professor CoC/CSE
473. Michael Borich Assistant Professor CoE/BME, CoS/Bio Sci
474. Spiridon Reveliotis Professor COE / ISyE
475. Himani Sharma Lecturer CoE
476. Aaron Lanterman Professor CoE/ECE
477. Adithya Pattabhiramaiah Assistant Professor Scheller College
478. John Blazeck Assistant Professor CoE/ChBE
479. Joe Le Doux Professor CoE/BME
480. C  F Jeff Wu Professor CoE, ISyE
481. Jacqueline Garner Lecturer Scheller College of Business
482. Wendy L. Kelly Associate Professor CoS/Chemistry and Biochemistry
483. Gee-Kung Chang Professor CoE-ECE
484. Jennifer Singh Associate Professor School of History and Sociology
485. Mirla Gonzalez Academic Professional/ADUS IAC/ML
486. Daniel Baerlecken Associate Professor COD/SOA
487. Perry Yang Associate Professor CoD/SCaRP and SoA
488. Ashok Goel Professor CoC/IC
489. Courtney Garvin Lecturer Industrial Design
490. Mostafa Ammar Regents' Professor CoC/SCS
491. Matthew McDowell Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering
492. Matthew Gombolay Assistant Professor CoC/IC
493. Bruno Frazier Professor CoE/ECE
494. Azadeh Ansari Assistant. Professor CoE/ECE
495. HyunJoo Oh Assistant Professor Industrial Design & Interactive Computing
496. Wendy Truran Lecturer LMC
497. Shreyes Melkote Professor CoE/ME
498. Christina Shalley Sharon M. and Matthew R. Price Chair SCoB
499. Yuhang Wang Professor School  of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
500. Jeffrey G Howard Postdoctoral Fellow LMC
501. Clio Andris Assistant Professor CoD/CRP, CoC/IC
502. Tarek Rakha Assistant Professor CoD/Arch
503. Annika Orich Assistant Professor IAC/ML
504. Rachel Chen Associate Professor ChBE
505. Subhrajit Guhathakurta Professor and Chair CoD/ School of City and Regional Planning
506. Igor Belegradek Professor/DOTE COS/Math
507. Mary L Realff Associate Professor CoE/MSE
508. Paige Clayton Assistant Professor CoD/School of City & Regional Planning
509. Chris Ippolito Associate Professor iAC / School of Modern Languages
510. Michael Nitsche Associate Professor LMC/IAC
511. Andy Sun Associate Professor CoE/ISyE
512. Joyce Medina Senior Lecturer CoDesign
513. Galyna Livshyts Assistant Professor COS
514. David Shook Associate Dean/Associate Professor IAC/ML
515. Tatiana Kozhanova Lecturer IAC/ML
516. Anne-Francoise Le Lostec lecturer School of Modern Languages
517. SungHa  Kang Professor CoS/SoM
518. Gil Weinberg Professor / Director of GTCMT CoD/Music
519. Natalie Khazaal Assistant Professor Modern Languages, Ivan Allen
520. B Juang   Professor CoE/ECE
521. Sang Leigh Assistant Professor CoD/ID
522. Brian Woodall Professor INTA/IAC
523. Annalise Paaby Assistant Professor CoS/SoBS
524. Alejandro Toriello Associate Professor CoE/ISyE
525. Stuart Goldberg Associate Professor IAC/SML
526. Michael Elliott Associate Professor School of City and Regional Planning
527. David Taylor Professor CoE/ECE
528. James Stevenson Kenney Professor CoE/ECE
529. Jenny Strakovsky Academic Professional/ADGS Modern Languages
530. Jiri (Art) Janata Professor Emeritus, Chemistry and Biochemistry
531. Erik I Verriest Professor COE/ECE
532. Francisco Robles Assistant Professor CoE/BME
533. Zhigang Peng Professor COS/EAS
534. Zachary Handlos Academic Professional CoS/EAS
535. Justin Romberg Professor CoE/ECE
536. Emily Alicea-Munoz Instructor/Research Technician Physics
537. Wenbo Chang Postdoctoral Fellow ML
538. Richard Henneman Professor of the Practice CoC/IC
539. Heather Potts Lecturer CoD
540. Cyrus Aidun Professor ME
541. Woojin Han Postdoctoral Scholar COE/ME, IBB
542. Chaowen Ting Associate Professor CoD/SOM
543. Rachel Cummings Assistant Professor CoE
544. Michael Chapman Professor CoS/Physics
545. Ilya Kaminsky Professor LMC
546. Raghu Pucha Senior Lecturer CoE/ME
547. Tianye Niu Associate Professor CoE/ME
548. Mike Dobbins Professor of Practice CoD/SCaRP
549. Krystin Gollihue Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Faculty IAC/LMC
550. Craig Tovey Professor CoE/ISyE
551. Ali Adibi Professor School of ECE
552. Mahdi Roozbahani Lecturer COC/CSE
553. Aya McDaniel Lecturer IAC/ML
554. Tuba Ketenci Academic Professional ISYE
555. Wei Wang Assistant Professor CoD
556. Blake Leland Associate Professor School of LMC
557. Neha Kumar Assistant Professor IAC/INTA + CoC/IC
558. Nick Sturm Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow LMC/WCP
559. R. Gary Parker Professor Emeritus COE/ISyE
560. Jason Borenstein Principal Academic Professional IAC/PubP
561. Daniel Amsterdam Associate Professor HSOC/IAC
562. John P Taylor Brittain Fellow LMC
563. William J. Drummond Associate Professor Design/City and Regional Planning
564. Andy Frazee Senior Academic Professional / Assoc. Dir. of the Writing and Communication Program IAC/LMC
565. Lauren Wilcox, PhD Associate Professor Interactive Computing
566. Santosh Pande Associate Professor CoC/SCS
567. George Lan Associate Professor COE/ISyE
568. Darcy Mullen Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Faculty IAC/LMC
569. Stephen Harmon Professor CoD
570. Alonzo Whyte Academic Professional Neuroscience
571. Joycelyn Wilson Assistant Professor LMC/DM
572. Mary Grace Elliott Marion L. Brittain Fellow LMC
573. Krish K. Ahuja Regents Professor CoE/AE
574. Brandy Blake Academic Professional LMC
575. Ayanna Howard Professor CoC/IC, CoE/ECE
576. Emily Weigel Academic Professional CoS/Biological Sciences
577. Melissa Kemp Associate Professor CoE/BME
578. Nassim Parvin Associate Professor LMC/IAC
579. Manpreet Hora Associate Professor SCOB
580. Yingjie Liu Professor CoS/Math
581. Lukas Graber Assistant Professor CoE/ECE
582. Manpreet Singh Assistant Professor COB/Scheller
583. Olga Shemyakina Associate Professor IAC/ Econ
584. Ani Mazumdar Assistant Professor COE/ME
585. Sridhar Narasimhan Professor SCoB
586. Kenneth A. Cunefare Professor CoE/ME
587. Seung-Kyum Choi Associate Professor CoE/ME
588. Yi Chen Mazumdar Assistant Professor CoE/ME
589. Alan Ritter Associate Professor CoC/Interactive Computing
590. Molei Tao Associate Professor CoS/Math
591. Andrei Fedorov Prof COE/ME
592. Marc K Smith Professor CoE/ME
593. Aaron Stebner Associate Professor COE/ME
594. Ajit P. Yoganathan Emeritus Regents' Professor CoE/BME
595. Justin Biddle Associate Professor Public Policy
596. Rampi Ramprasad Professor CoE/MSE
598. David MacNair Academic Professional COE
599. Stephanie Reikes Lecturer CoS/Math
600. Santosh Vempala Professor CoC/CS
601. Chris Roberts Research Faculty/Instructor CoE
602. Sotira Yiacoumi Professor CoE/CEE
603. Lawrence Rubin Associate Professor INTA/IAC
604. Samantha Wilson Academic Professional COS/EAS
605. Farzad Rahnema Professor, nuclear engineering COE/NRE
606. Ari Glezer Professor ME
607. Yuko Ogawa Postdoctoral Fellow ML
608. Linda Wills Associate Professor CoE/ECE
609. Dawn Strickland Sr. Academic Professional COE/ISyE
610. Robert Griffin ESL/ELL Specialist and Academic Professional IAC/LMC
611. Alexander Alexeev Professor CoE/ME
612. Leila Aflatoony Assistant Professor CoD/ID
613. Andrew Scherbakov Senior Academic Professional CoS/Physics
614. Amanda Madden Lecturer LMC
615. Roger Jiao Associate Professor ME
616. Brian Stone Professor CoD
617. Adam Stulberg Professor IAC/INTA
618. Alexandros Daglis Assistant Professor CoC/SCS
619. Wenshan Cai Associate Professor CoE/ECE
620. Andi Coulter Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow IAC/LMC
621. Chandra Raman Professor Physics
622. Katherine Samford Senior Lecturer GTPE/GTLI
623. Kinsey Herrin Senior Research Scientist CoE/ME
624. Lee W. Lerner Chief Scientist & Adjunct Professor GTRI/CIPHER & CoE/ECE
625. Caroline Genzale Associate Professor CoE/ME
626. Wenting Sun Associate Professor CoE/AE
627. Chad Slieper Academic Professional / Director of Law, Science, and Technology Program IAC/PUBP
628. Pollet Pamela Sr. Academic Professional Chemistry & biochemistry
629. Ruthie Yow Academic Professional/courtesy appointment HSOC SLS
630. Wei Sun Associate Professor CoE/BME
631. Vicki Galloway Professor IAC/ML
632. Greg Turk Professor CoC/IC
633. Ellery Ingall Professor CoS
634. Joshua Cohen Postdoctoral Fellow LMC
635. Alex Endert Associate Professor CoC/IC
636. Thomas Habetler Professor COE/ECE
637. Francesco Fedele Associate Professor CEE
638. Nathan Heald Lecturer CEISMC/Excel
639. Morris Cohen Associate Professor ECE
640. James Foley Professor Emeritus CoC/IC
641. Kenyetta Johnson Sr. Academic Professional CoS/CHEM
642. Amanda Stockton Assistant Professor Chem
643. Germán Vergara Assistant Professor Ivan Allen College/School of History and Sociology
644. Dalton Lin Assistant Professor IAC/INTA
645. Radhakrishnaiah Parachuru Senior Academic Professional MSE
646. Joseph P. Sadighi Associate Professor CoS / School of Chemistry & Biochemistry
647. Chin-Hui Lee Professor CoE/ECE
648. Melody Jackson Associate Professor CoC/IC
649. Omer Inan Associate Professor ECE
650. Marcus T Cicerone Professor CoS / Chemistry and Biochemistry
651. Stefan France Associate Professor CoS/Chemistry and Biochemistry
652. Jenna Jordan Associate Professor INTA/IAC
653. Jonathan Shelley Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow IAC/LMC
654. Jesse McDaniel Assistant Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry
655. John Stasko Regents Professor CoC/IC
656. Roger Ball Professor COD/ID
657. Brian Gunter Associate Professor CoE/AE
658. Nicholas V. Hud Regents' Professor CoS/CHEM
659. Richard DeMillo Professor and Warren Chair of Computing CoC/SCS
660. David Torello Academic Professional CoE/ME
661. Suzanne Lee Associate Professor SCoB
662. Monica Sweat Senior Lecturer CoC/DCI
663. David Marcus Instructor IAC/ML
664. Douglas Williams Professor COE/ECE
665. Chloe Arson Associate Professor COE/CEE
666. Jim Budd Professor COD/ID
667. Z. John Zhang Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry College of Science
668. Paul W. Mayne Professor CEE
669. Aris Georgakakos Professor/Director, Georgia Water Res. Inst. CEE
670. Don Webster Felton Jenkins Jr. Hall of Fame Professor CEE
671. Yury O. Chernoff Professor CoS/School of Biological Sciences
672. Seung-Eun Chang Lecturer Modern Languages
673. Amanda Weiss Assistant Professor ML
674. Weston Stacey Callaway Regents Professor of NRE CoE/NRE
675. Frank Li Assistant Professor CoE/ECE
676. Melissa Pilkington Lecturer of Spanish Modern Languages    IAC
677. Yang Wang Associate Professor CEE
678. Jim Mulholland Professor CoE/CEE
679. Daniel Castro Professor and Chair CoD/BC
680. Narin Hassan Associate Professor IAC/LMC
681. Lee Oh Lecturer IAC/ML
682. Anne Fuller Senior Lecturer SCoB
683. Marius Florin  Niculescu Associate Professor SCoB
684. Jay Summet Sr. Lecturer College of Computing
685. Vinod Singhal Professor Scheller College of Business
686. Claire Arthur Assistant Professor CoD
687. Ashley McKeen Lecturer CEISMC
688. Basak Kalkanci Associate Professor Scheller College of Business
689. Gina Kruschek Brittain Fellow LMC
690. Paul Pearce Assistant Professor CoC/CS
691. Sudheer Chava Professor and Alton M. Costley Chair Scheller College of Business
692. Han Zhang Professor SCoB
693. Judy Hoffman Assistant Professor CoC/IC
694. Ronghu Wu Associate Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry
695. Beril Toktay Professor Scheller College of Business
696. Rafi Muhanna Associate Professor COE/CEE
697. Richard Utz Professor, Chair LMC
698. Yuhong Fan Associate Professor CoS/BioSci
699. Michael Lowe Assistant Professor CoB
700. Matt Baker Professor of Mathematics and Associate Dean College of Sciences
701. Mingfeng Lin Associate Professor CoB
702. Hui Zhu Academic Professional CoS/Chemistry and Biochemistry
703. Ching-Hua Huang Professor CEE
704. Michael Smith Senior Lecturer SCoB
705. Mark Zachary Taylor Associate Professor IAC/SPP
706. Michael Dan Salomone Professor/Associate Chair Nunn School (INTA)
707. Donald White Professor CoE/CEE
708. Martial Taillefert Professor Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
709. Ahmed Ahmed Instructor IAC/ ML
710. Patricio Vela Associate Professor ECE
711. Polo Chau Associate Professor CoC/CSE
712. Cam Tyson Principal Academic Professional CoS/Chemistry & Biochemistry
713. Ana (Annie) I. Anton Professor CoC/IC
714. Peter Swire Chaired Professor Scheller College of Business
715. Robert Rosenberger Associate Professor School of Public Policy
716. David Frost Higginbotham Professor CoE/CEE
717. Paul Foster Associate Professor IAC/ML
718. Britta Kallin Associate Professor of German IAC/ML
719. Qi Wang Associate Professor IAC/LMC
720. David Lawrence Senior Academic Professional CTL
721. Susan Burns Professor CoE/CEE
722. Jong Lee Lecturer IAC/ML
723. David Devecsery Assistant Professor CoC/SCS
724. Martin Maldovan Assistant Professor CoE/ChBE CoS/Physics
725. Fani Boukouvala Assistant Professor Chbe
726. Rick Trebino Professor and Georgia Research Alliance-Eminent Scholar Chair of Ultrafast Optical Physics CoS/Physics
727. Josh Kacher Assistant Professor CoE/MSE
728. Eric Vigoda Professor CoC/CS
729. Kyoko Masuda Associate Prof. IAC/ ML
730. Seung Soon Jang Professor CoE.MSE
731. Wenke Lee Professor CoC/CS
732. Emanuele Di Lorenzo Professor CoS/EAS
733. Kelly Griendling Lecturer CoE/AE
734. Taesoo Kim Associate Professor CoC/SCS
735. Suzy Watson-Phillips Lecturer CoC/DCI
736. Krystina Madej Professor of the Practice lMC/IAC
737. Todd Fernandez Lecturer CoE/BME
738. Qirun Zhang Assistant Professor CoC/CS
739. Sehoon Ha Assistant Professor CoC/IC
740. Stéphanie Boulard Associate Professor Modern Languages
741. Eva Dyer Assistant Professor BME
742. Ajeet Rohatgi Regents Professor CoE/ECE
743. Evangelos Theodorou Associate Professor CoE/AE
744. Christopher Stanzione Senior Lecturer CoS/Psychology
745. Todd Michney Assistant Professor HSOC
746. Ken Surdin Professor of Practice CEISMC
747. Jessica Roberts Assistant Professor CoC/IC
748. Wendy C Newstetter Principal Academic Professional COE
749. Claire Berger Professor of the practice School of Physics/ COS
750. Johnna Temenoff Professor CoE/BME
751. Karen Yan Assistant professor ECON
752. Rudolph Gleason Associate Professor COE/ME
753. C.P. Wong Regents' Professor CoE/MSE
754. John Taylor Professor CoE/CEE
755. Soojin Yi Professor CoS
756. Allison Maloney Lecturer CEISMC
757. Keith McGreggor Professor of the Practice CoC/IC
758. Michael Hunter Professor CEE
759. Hugh Donald Ratliff Regents Professor Emeritus CoE/ISyE
760. James B. Stubbs Professor of the Practice BME
761. Brendan Saltaformaggio Assistant Professor CoE/ECE
762. Juan-Pablo Correa-Baena Assistant Professor MSE
763. Tim Purdy Senior Lecturer COD/ID
764. Raghupathy Sivakumar Professor COE/ECE
765. Carmen Angleica Carrion Post-Doctoral Fellow CoE/ BME
766. Mariel Borowitz Associate Professor IAC/INTA
767. Yi-Hsien Stephanie Ho Lecturer IAC/ ML
768. Thomas Ploetz Associate Professor CoC/IC
769. Elizabeth Mynatt Regents' Professor CoC/IC
770. Steven T. Hackman Associate Professor CoE/ISyE
771. Martin Jarrio Academic Professional CoS/Physics
772. Glaucio Paulino Professor CoE/CEE
773. Martin Jacobson Lecturer CoE/BME
774. Vladimir Koltchinskii Professor School of Mathematics-CoS
775. Haomin Zhou Professor CoS/SoM
776. Zsolt Kira Assistant Professor CoC/IC
777. Nihad M. Farooq Associate Professor School of LMC
778. Thomas Collins Adjunct Professor and Principal Research Engineer CoE/ECE
779. James Park Instructor CoD/Arch
780. Alexandra Boldyreva Professor SCS/CoC
781. Wendy Hagenmaier Digital Collections Archivist Library
782. Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy Professor CoE/CEE
783. Florian Vollmer Adjunct Faculty College of Design, School of Industrial Design
784. Srinivas Aluru Professor CoC/CSE
785. Antonia Antoniou Associate Professor CoE/ME
786. Chaohua Ou Senior Academic Professional CTL
787. Maria Chappell Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow LMC
788. John-Paul Clarke College of Engineering Dean's Professor CoE/ISyE+AE
789. Saba Colakoglu Lecturer SCoB
790. Vernelle Noel Visiting Assistant Professor CoD
791. Renato Monteiro Professor ISyE
792. Christopher Saldana Associate Professor CoE/ME
793. Elbert Ruiz Research Faculty/Instructor GTRI, CoE/VIP
794. Samba Sy Lecturer IAC/ML
795. Nora Cottille-Foley Associate Professor School of Modern Languages
796. Suresh Sitaraman Regents' Professor CoE/ME
797. Andrea Parker Associate Professor CoC/IC
798. Phillip Ackerman Professor CoS/Psychology
799. Hallie Lieberman Lecturer LMC
800. Stephen P. Chininis Professor of Practice CoD ID
801. Dobromir Rahnev Assistant Professor CoS
802. David Smith Lecturer CoE/ME
803. Mary Hudachek-Buswell Lecturer CoC/DCI
804. John Reynolds Professor CoS/CHEM and CoE/MSE
805. J. Carson Meredith Professor ChBE
806. Scott Hollister Professor CoE/BME
807. Carol Subío Sullivan Senior Academic Professional CTL
808. Carsten Sievers Associate Professor ChBE
809. Ryan Roark Visiting Professor CoD
810. Christoph Fahrni Professor CoS/School of Chemistry & Biochemistry
811. Valerie Thomas Professor ISyE and PUBP
812. Rebecca Watts Hull Academic Professional IAC/HSOC
813. Caleb Southern Lecturer College of Computing
814. Jorge Macedo Assistant Professor CEE
815. Tammy M. McCoy Academic Professional CTL
816. Ameet Doshi Librarian Library
817. Chen Zhou Assoc Prof ISYE/COE
818. Masato Kikuchi Associate Professor IAC/ML
819. Yongtaek Kim Associate Professor School of Modern Languages
820. Evan Mallen Postdoctoral Fellow CTL
821. Sebnem Ozkan Academic Professional ML
822. Christopher Le Dantec Associate Professor CoC/IAC
823. Madhavan Swaminathan Professor/John Pippin Chair and Director PRC ECE
824. Sundaresan Jayaraman Kolon Professor COE/MSE
825. Shuichi Takayama Professor CoE/BME
826. Joyce Weinsheimer Principal Academic Professional/Director CTL
827. Steve Usselman McEver Professor HSOC/IAC
828. Amanda Pellerin Archivist III Library
829. Felipe Garcia Quiroz Assistant Professor CoE/BME
830. P.K Yeung Professor Aerospace Engineering
831. Laura Bier Associate Professor HSOC
832. Yongzhi Qiu Instructor CoE/BME
833. Katja Weber Professor INTA/IAC
834. Johnny Smith Associate Professor HSOC/IAC
835. Susana Morris Associate Professor IAC/LMC
836. Haiying Huang Associate Professor COE/CEE
837. Cheryl Gaimon Regents Professor Scheller College
838. Phillip N. First Professor CoS/Physics
839. Alison Reynolds Special Collections Archivist Library
840. Elizabeth Cherry Associate Professor CoC/CSE
841. D. J. (Dongjun) Wu Professor SCoB
842. Willie J. Belton Associate Professor of Economics Ivan Allen College/ School of Economics
843. W.B. Carter Associate Professor Emeritus MSE
844. Siddhi Krishna Visiting Assistant Professor School of Mathematics
845. Cynthia F. Kutka Librarian Library
846. Kirk Bowman Rise Up & Care Chair & Professor INTA
847. Adrian Gardiner Lecturer Scheller College of Business
848. Jacob Abernethy Assistant Professor CoC
849. Dianne Leader Lecturer Psychology
850. Yulin Deng Professor Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
851. Betsy DiSalvo Associate Professor CoC
852. Bert Bras Professor COE/ME
853. Karl Jacob Professor MSE
854. Bruce Henson Librarian & Associate Dean Library
855. David Safranski Adjunct Assistant Professor CoE/MSE
856. Lawrence Foster Professor Emeritus HSOC
857. Lane M. Duncan, AIA Emeritus Senior Lecturer GTIDC/ SoA// ID
858. Stephen Lee-Urban Senior Research Scientist & Adjunct Faculty GTRI/ICL & CoC/IC
859. Elizabeth Holdsworth Librarian Library
860. Miki Fabry Associate Professor/DUS INTA/IAC
861. Daniel Matisoff Associate Professor IAC/SPP
862. Diyi Yang Assistant Professor CoC/IC
863. Gordon Kingsley Associate Professor IAC/Public Policy
864. Matthew Frizzell Librarian Library
865. Pradeep K Agrawal Professor Emeritus Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

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