The research will be completed on December 10, 2019 (data are collected by December 09, 2019).

Results of the research will be presented on December 19, 2019. We would be glad to welcome you at the presentation of research results, where the practical training on the application of mediation will also take place.

We are grateful for your participation in the research!

In case if you have any questions in the process of filling the questionnaire, please refer to Viktoriia Polishchuk, mediation expert.
Contact details: phone number +380688087847, e-mail
1. Position of respondent *
2. Sex of respondent *
3. Age of respondent *
4. Industry of respondent *
5. Size of respondent’s business *
6. Region of respondent *
7. Education of respondent *
8. Which conflict situations are the most typical in the economic disputes? *
9. In which conflict situation in the economic disputes did you directly participate? *
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10. What is the reason of conflicts in the economic disputes? *
11. How much money in average do you spend for the settlement of economic disputes? *
12. Are you satisfied with the procedure for the settlement of the economic dispute by means of court appeal? *
13. Do you believe in the effectiveness of alternative ways of dispute settlement? *
14. Are you aware of such way of dispute settlement as mediation? *
In case if you are aware of mediation, please answer the questions No 15-18. In case mediation is new for you, please answer question No 19.
15. What is mediation for you?
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16. In your opinion, how widely spread is mediation in your country in general?
17. How often do the enterprises in your industry conclude commercial agreements, which predetermine mediation?
18. What are the factors preventing the application of mediation for the economic disputes settlement?
19. Do you intend to visit the presentation of research materials and practical training on mediation, scheduled for December 19, 2019, that will be in Kyiv? If - yes, could you send us your e-mail or phone number.
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Thank you for answering our questions!
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