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"This information is being collected in order to advance the mission to build the Perl community in India. Participation in the survey is completely voluntary. The information will only be used for organizing the Perl community, and providing services it is NOT INTENDED TO BE USED FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. IF ANYONE WITH ACCESS TO THE INFORMATION USES IT FOR THEIR OWN GAIN THEY WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE LIST OF AUTHORIZED MAINTAINERS. It will only be released to recognized Perl organizations, including TPF and Perl Mongers groups which you have chosen to join.

It may be used to contact you about Perl and F/OSS-related events if they are relevant to you. The information you provide will NEVER BE GIVEN OR SOLD TO A COMMERCIAL THIRD-PARTY. Any changes to this policy will require that you be notified and given the option to remove yourself from the database.

Of course, TPF and the Perl Mongers groups, and the people collecting the data on behalf of them, cannot be liable for accidental or unintentional use of the information. Ordinary care will be used to prevent such disclosures, and the information will not be stored publicly.

YOU MAY OPT OUT AT ANY TIME AND BE REMOVED FROM THE DATABASE BY CONTACTING THE CURRENT MAINTAINER. It is our intention that this database will be to the advantage of those listed in it and be used for purposes with which they agree."

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