Depraved Events Blogger Application
Depraved Nation / Depraved Events is owned and operated by Kehl & Heather Razor. We were established in 2010 and have become a familiar name within the SL community.

With our monthly events, we are looking for fun, active bloggers to join our promotional team in support of participating designers - if you are interested in joining please complete the application below and we will contact you if we feel you are a good fit for what we represent.

Helpful hints for successful bloggers are listed below!

Look of Blog:
We do not want to take away from your creative outlooks on your art. We simply have a few suggestions that could help not only us but you in the future.

Blog Layout: Make sure the layout is promoting what is supposed to be promoted. You are displaying items that designers have put a lot of work in. If someone goes to your blogs home page and the images are so small (or nonexistent) then you are not promoting the items you were given in a good light.

Blog Designs: Bright colors and busy patterns are okay in moderation, but your blog (like your outfits!) should not induce headaches. Your blog needs to be easy to read and navigate. Basically, we don't want to limit your creativity just remember what parts you need to be the most creative on.

Tags: The use of tags is important for many reasons. This gives not only the blog manager (who absolutely will love you forever for using tags) an easier tool to search your blog for specific posts, but also for people searching your site and online. I highly suggest using tags as more detailed descriptions of categories.


Categories used:

Tags used:

Video and Music:
Both of those are completely acceptable to have on blogs of any type. I would refrain from having anything that auto starts when your page loads. The reasons being several, but an example of one is that some people have their headsets on and if the music starts playing really loud it could hurt their ears. Blogs with auto playing music / videos will closed immediately, which will prevent you from being accepted as I will not have time to view them.

Accepted bloggers must agree to display the Depraved logo on their website and list Depraved Nation as a sponsor.

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Some events may require minimum posting standards - if you cover these events, are you committed to providing the coverage required? *
While most events are optional to cover and we try to keep things open and relaxed, we do expect bloggers in our group to work on promoting events and participating designers - do you agree to this? *
In order to stay in the group, bloggers must remain active - if your fail to cover an event 3 months in a row you will be removed from the group. Do you understand these conditions? *
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