Volunteer with Super School India!
Join our NGO's, Super School India, volunteering team! You can sign up for either one or more than one development program.

1. SEX EDUCATION (unavailable during Covid)
• Commitment: 2 days a month, for a year
• Location: depends on the location of the partner school

2. ENGLISH TEACHING (available during Covid)
• Commitment: 4 hours through the week, for a minimum of 6 months
• Location: from your home (during Covid); Pre/post Covid: Sainik Farm, New Delhi

3. 1-to-1 MENTOR A GOVT SCHOOL STUDENT (available during Covid)
• Commitment: 3 hours through the week week, for a minimum of a year
• Location: from your home

• You can be a graphic designer, lawyer, CA, financial expert, or anyone at all who feels that your pro-bono time contribution can enable our NGO to operate better.

We accommodate all our volunteers' schedules and time-restraints but at the same time, we expect diligence, hard work, and motivation from the volunteer's end too.


Select the program you want to volunteer in *
If you want to volunteer in more than one program, we request you to submit another form for that
IF you've selected 'Probono' or 'teach a feared subject', then please mention what is your area of expertise/ what subjects you took in 11th, 12th and college. Write 'NA' if you didn't select 'Probono volunteering' *
E.g.: Photographer, Development expert, CA, Lawyer, Video editing, Social media, Graphic designer, Website building, Auditor, etc
Name *
Email ID *
Contact Number *
If your whatsapp number is different, do add that number as well
City of residence (currently and where you see yourself for at least the next one year) *
Can you commit to the desired timeline of the program you've chosen? *
SEX EDUCATION (twice a month, for a year) | ENGLISH TEACHING (4 hours through the week, for 6 months) | 1-to-1 MENTORING (2 hours a week, for 1 year)
We do not operate on Sundays. Please pick which days work for you. *
Age *
Gender *
Personal Pronoun *
What are you currently doing? Please mention your institution/organisation, your role/course of study *
Sample answers: I am currently in my 3rd year at Ambedkar University in Delhi. My course is Psychology. OR I am currently working at X company, as a social media manager.
Please add your Linkedin page *
If you do not have a Linkedin page, please mention 'NA'
If you are comfortable, please add your social media links (FB, Instagram, Twitter)
If your accounts are private, Super School India will not send a friend request (unless we take your prior explicit permission once you join SSI). We will only view the publicly available activity on your social media pages. Why? Since social media has become an expression of who we are (through the posts we share, etc), we want to ensure that we do not end up selecting volunteers who post questionable content (sexism, racist, violent, communal hatred, etc)
Why do you want to volunteer? (not more than 5 lines) *
Reference(s) for Past Volunteer/Social/Teaching Work *
Please provide your referee's name, Linkedin and phone number. We ask for this information as a step to ensure we select carefully since we work with children. Write NA if you cannot provide.
I declare that *
Any questions/topics you would not be comfortable talking about during the interview? *
On which platform did you find out about us? *
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