ORSEEP'S Questions for On boarding Digital Marketing Clients
The purpose of this questionnaire is to establish a baseline of your "Digital Marketing Maturity" activity. The questions below cover a variety of information points and capabilities that will help us to build a clear understanding of your web presence and activity, as well as potentially highlighting opportunities and weaknesses in your existing digital marketing strategy. We'd appreciate it if you could please fill out as much of the form as you can at this time.
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1) What exactly do you offer (products/services offering) and how does it solve people’s problems? *
2) What are you looking for – Rankings, Conversion, Traffic, Branding or the complete package? *
3) Where are the customers you want to reach? *
4) What are your monthly / quarterly / yearly marketing goals? *
5) What's your biggest marketing challenge? Are you using any other online marketing channels at the moment?
6) Who is your target audience? *
7) Who are your competitors? *
8) Do you have website developers and designers in-house or working with?
9) What's your tentative monthly/annual budget for Marketing?
10) Do you've content writer for creating valuable articles, posts, press release etc...? Be honest, now. Do they really have time to generate quality content consistently? *
11) Who is responsible for installations/changes to make on website? *
12) What services do you wish our agency offer? *
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