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In order to be eligible for a Hotspot loan for educational use, the student's family must be eligible for Free & Reduced Meals and have a 20-21 Free & Reduced Meal Application on file with the Guthrie School District. A qualifying family with one or two students may receive one Hotspot. A qualifying family with three or more students may receive two Hotspots. A request for a Hotspot is not a guarantee that you will receive one; numbers are limited. Hotspots must be returned to the School District upon completion of the Grant. By requesting the Hotspot you are agreeing to take responsibility for any damages that may occur. Furthermore you agree to return the Hotspot, Box, and Charging Cable upon request by the District.
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Is your student(s) eligible for Free and Reduced Meals? *
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By requesting the loan of a Hotspot you are agreeing to take responsibility for any damages that may occur. You furthermore agree to return the Hot Spot, Box, and Charging Cable upon request of the District. Failure to do so may require reimbursement to the District for replacement costs. Do you agree to these terms? *
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