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This is for billing your invoice and any follow up care.  Invoices are typically emailed by the Friday after work is completed.
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This is strictly used for scheduling purposes.  We send out a text notification once you are loaded into our schedule. Also this will be the number that we will use to let you know when the crew is on their way.
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What type of grass do you want? The price quoted is if you are located within 45 miles from Woodland, WA.   We have a minimum charge of $600.00, which covers up to 5,000 square feet of hydroseeding. (Unfortunately, seed acquisition costs have already doubled during 2022) Additional information about the types of grass is available on our website. *
Preferred installation date?  Our crew works 4-10 hour days per week, so Monday through Thursdays are available. A text will be sent to confirm scheduled date. *
Are you flexible on the installation date? If so, please provide some alternative dates/times. *
Alternate Dates/Times for scheduling are:
My job will be ready on the exact date I have requested scheduling. *
Please let us know ahead of time if you are unable to have your lawn ready by the scheduled date.
Estimated square footage of the area to be hydro seeded.   If you don't know, please download this app.  It works on either Android or Apple Phones.  Step by step directions for this are provided below.  If the estimated square footage of the area provided to us during the scheduling process ends up being more than 15% different than the measurement of the actual area to be hydroseeded upon our arrival on-site, additional fees will apply.
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Approximately, how many sq ft of hydroseed do you need? *
Our trucks are full of liquid weight and can weigh as much as a concrete truck and are roughly 12 feet tall.  They are not able to travel sideways on hills/slopes.  Should this pose a problem accessing any areas for hydroseeding? *
Our trucks standardly carry 150 feet of hose.  Should we be able to reach all areas needing hydroseeding with this? *
Do you have any questions or concerns?
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U.S Fish & Wildlife Notice
According to the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service, “Homeowners use up to 10 times more chemical pesticides per acre on their lawns than farmers use on crops, and they spend more per acre, on average, to maintain their lawns than farmers spend per agricultural acre.”
Customized Follow Up Lawn Care *
Are you interested enough in your lawn to get a soil sample showing your current soil conditions and determining which additives could improve the soil to help you have a nice beautiful lawn?  Here is an example of the soil test results and detailed recommendations provided by the laboratory.
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