Animal Ark - Foster Care Application
Read FOSTER section on webpage for mission. View all cats and dogs on ADOPT tab, though only some are available to foster.

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5. Have you fostered an animal before:     *
6. If you rent, please provide landlord phone #?
7. How many people are in your household?                           *
8. How many children and what are their ages? *
9. Where will this pet sleep? *
10. Do you have a fenced in yard? *
11. If no, how will exercise and potty breaks be handled?
12. Which option describes your normal day? *
13. How many pets and what kind currently at your home? *
14. Are your pets indoor, outdoor or both? *
15. Are your pets current on their vaccinations? *
16. Are all your pets spayed and/or neutered? *
17. Do you have a veterinarian? *
18. If yes, provide the name, address and phone number of your veterinarian. Please note, we will contact your veterinarian for a reference.   *
19. When did you last take your current or past pet(s) to the veterinarian? *
20. What was the reason for the visit? *
21. If you have a pet that is no longer in your household, what happened to it?
22. What type of animal(s) would you like to foster (check all that apply):   *
23. Have you cared for young, unweaned puppies or kittens before *
24. If yes, please explain.
25. Have you ever medicated a sick animal before?
26. Please indicate the time frame you are willing to foster: *
27. Please indicate the number of animals you are willing to foster at a time: *
28. Any foster pet you take needs to get along with: *
29. Are you willing to provide food and litter at your own cost for foster pets? *
30. Are you interested in one of the animals from the available list on top of form? List name under other.
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31. Are you willing and able to bring the foster pet(s) to adoption events when applicable? *
32. Have you visited the Ark or are currently involved with discussions with the staff about fostering?
Thank you for your interest and completing our foster application!
You will be contacted by Animal Ark staff within 1-2 weeks for a first level interview of possibility. A home review visit and further discussions will follow.
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