Comprehensive Client Information Questionnaire
This is your comprehensive client information sheet, in which we will ask you to provide
some relevant personal information. The answers to these questions are essential in order
to allow us to design an optimized individual fitness program for you. Please answer all
questions in the most accurate manner possible while being as concise as possible.

Please recognize the fact that it is your responsibility to work directly with your physician
before, during, and after seeking fitness consultation. As such, any information provided
is not to be followed without the prior approval of your physician. If you choose to use this
information without the prior consent of your physician, you are agreeing to accept full
responsibility for your decision.
Name *
Date of Birth
Today's Date
Do you have any physical limitations, health issues, or injuries that I should be aware of when planning exercise or performance assessments?
Write "N/A" if none.
Do you have any food allergies, reactions, or medications that react with certain foods that I should be aware of before discussing nutrition options?
Write "N/A" if none.
My current diet could be best characterized as:
Check all that apply
How many meals do you typically eat daily?
May be smaller, more frequent meals or less frequent larger meals
How many meals do you eat in restaurants and/or fast food places per week?
How many pre-packaged (purchased/microwaveable) meals do you eat per week?
How many meals do you prepare at home per week?
Describe your living scenario and social setting for meals at home and/or with friends.
Do you live alone, with a spouse/significant other, or with friends? Do you have children and do they eat the same meals as you? Do you choose meals for your family based on what the other family members will like or what you think is healthy? Do you usually eat by yourself or with others at home? Do you usually prepare the food or does someone else prepare the food in your home? Do you feel you should eat a certain way based on others or based on the social setting you're in? Who purchases the food in the home? Do you share expenses/food with others in the home?
Describe your meal scenario/social setting at work.
Do you eat by yourself or with co-workers? Do you eat while you work or do you separate your meal/break times from work? Do you feel obligated to go out to eat with co-workers or eat similarly to co-workers? Do you have to grab food on the go due to work or travel? Do you keep snacks at your desk or workplace and if so what types? Do you have office meals/potlucks and how frequently? Do you or co-workers bring in shared food items? Does your job involve business transactions over meals or social gatherings?
Are there any diets or meal plans that you feel were successful with reaching your goals in the past?
Are there any diets or meal plans that you feel were unsuccessful or resulted in the opposite of your goals in the past?
Are you taking any nutritional supplements? Please list them below (type and dosage).
Please describe your general routine on the weekdays.
Include wake time, bedtime, work hours, meal times, exercise time, socializing activities, commitments, etc.
Please describe your general routine on the weekends.
Include wake time, bedtime, activities, outings, travel, socializing activities, exercise, meal times, etc.
What is your activity level at your job?
Do you work an irregular work schedule?
Ex: shift work, night shift, rotating
Are you currently exercising regularly (at least 3x per week)?
How long have you been consistently exercising without an extended break?
Please provide approximate timespan or write "Not currently exercising"
In a week, how many days would you say you perform resistance training exercises?
Ex: Strength workouts, powerlifting, olympic lifting, weight-training, resistance bands, performance with load, etc
In a week, how many days would you say you perform interval cardio bouts?
Ex: Stations, sprint intervals, short bursts of work/rest, tabata training, etc
In a week, how many days would you say you perform low-intensity cardio bouts?
Ex: walking, jogging/running, swimming, rowing, biking, activity that lasts longer than 20 minutes at a steady pace
In a week, how many days would you say you perform sport-specific work or play a recreational sport?
Ex: soccer, hockey, basketball, football, softball, or training related to these sports specifically
Please describe typical weekly exercise or physical activities (type and duration) including any exercise at work.
Check all the exercises below that you are VERY familiar with
Ex: Would not need a demonstration of the movement and would feel confident with the movement
Check all the exercises below that you are SOMEWHAT familiar with
Ex: Would need a reminder of the movement
Check all the exercises below that you are UNFAMILIAR with
Ex: Would need in depth demonstration, review of movement, and coaching throughout movement
What is your ideal exercise setting?
Check all that apply.
Given the following goals, please check the three (3) that are most important to you.
Do you have a specific target date for achieving a specific goal?
If no, please leave blank.
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