All Saints Parishioner Non-Co-op-Attendee Survey
This form is to be filled out by All Saints parishioners who are not enrolled in the All Saints Friday Co-op program.

To give more information, the All Saints Homeschool Co-op is an apostolate of the Church of All Saints that seeks to do a few things really well:
1.) Teach Traditional Catholic Catechesis from our priests and sisters,
2.) Offer choral/musical instruction as a way to prepare our youth to serve God in Sacred Music, particularly our parish's choirs,
3.) Provide some other ways for the young people of All Saints to work together as Catholic peers and friends, particularly in Drama productions, offering some sports classes, and potentially some other extra-curricular activities.

THANK YOU for participating! With your help we hope to help make this program all-the-more attractive to our parish's families. God bless you! -Jacob Flaherty and the Board
Your first and last name *
Have you ever been enrolled in the All Saints Co-op program before? *
If you had been in the Co-op before, you obviously left. We'd love to hear why...
Is the idea of having the priests and sisters teaching catechism to your children in single-sex classrooms in six different ages brackets once a week interesting to you? Please explain.
Is the idea of having a music class and/or choir class for your children once a week interesting to you? Please explain.
Are there any other kind of educational classes you'd like to see offered through our co-op?
Would you be interested in enrolling any of your children in a sports team which would practice and play competitively against schools?
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If you answered "yes" or "maybe" to the question above, which sports teams would be of interest to you?
Would any of your children be interested in participating in a Fall or Spring drama this coming school year?
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Are there other extra-curricular activities that we don't currently offer but your children would like to be a part of?
Any additional comments:
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