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Vienna Law Clinics ( is a project by law students and graduates in Vienna. We offer free legal counsel and want to support startups by providing them with legal advice on matters such as incorporation and choosing the right legal form for their venture, as well as on contract and intellectual property issues.

If you are interested in being advised by us, please fill out our form. We will let you know within two weeks whether we can take on your issue. We will then assign you a team of students, which will take care of your cause in cooperation with our partner law firm.

After the first meeting our team will research the discussed legal questions. After we received feedback from our partner law firm our team will meet with you again after about 6 weeks to discuss our findings with you.

Disclaimer *
As you may know, we are no lawyers and do not offer any professional legal advice. This or other communication does not establish a legal advice relationship. However, as senior law students we will be happy to give you an overview of the relevant legal problems.
Contracts *
We do not offer any services related to creating or revising terms and conditions, partnership agreements or other contracts. We are, however, happy to provide a general overview of the relevant legal problems
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Please describe your venture (and your business idea) briefly so we can assign you the right team for your needs.
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Please describe the legal issue you face, that is, any law-related questions you may have, as precisely as possible. In case we still have questions, we will contact you.
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