Be Unique Coleraine Spring '21 Registration Form

- These classes will BEGIN in mid- February for a 6 week term, with the exact date to be confirmed, in line with the latest Covid-19 regulations. If the start date is delayed, we will reduce your total term fee.

- All Be Unique Drama classes will be held in the Be Unique Studio, 20B New Row, Coleraine.

Dare 2 DANCE for 5-7yrs 4.45 - 5.30pm or 5.45 - 6.30pm (£30)
Dare 2 DANCE for 8-12yrs 6.45pm - 7.30pm (£30)

Mini DRAMA for 3-5yrs, 3.30-4.15pm (£30)
Mini DRAMA for 3-5yrs, 4.30 - 5.15pm (£30)

Mini DRAMA for 3-5yrs, 10.15-11.00am or 11.15-12.00pm (£30)
THEATRE MAKERS for 6-12 yrs, 12.15-1.15pm (£35)

For 5 year olds registered to both Mini Drama and Dare 2 Dance, the total price is £55.
For 6 - 12 year olds registered to both Theatre Makers and Dare 2 Dance, the total price is £60.

- PLEASE NOTE: There is a 10% family discount applied when two or more children from the same family are registered for any of the classes.

- Please complete the booking form below to register your child. Please complete one booking form per child.

- You will hear from us within 5 days of booking with more information on how to pay a deposit to secure your child's place. There is a £15 deposit required to secure the place.

Thank you in advance - Be Unique Drama
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