How do you currently get to know your ideal suppliers?
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1- Do you provide a self onboarding channel for your Suppliers? *
2-What's the technology you use for onboarding suppliers? *
3- Does the company make the KYS process whith what type of suppliers? *
4- What do you expect from software on the KYS process? (Multiple responses are allowed)? *
5- What documents do you currently requesting to onboard a company? Please consider the criteria for critical suppliers. (Multiple responses are allowed) *
6- Do you have a formal process to validate and approve the onboarded Suppliers? *
7- Do you do re-checks periodically of your existing base of Suppliers? *
8- How often do you do the re-checks of the existing base of Suppliers? *
9- Do you have any form of a risk calculator to approve or reject a new supplier? *
10- What is the main challenge in your current KYS process? *
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