FFC Pool Waiver 2020
A waiver completed by one family member covers the entire family for the entire 2020 pool season. This must be completed prior to the first use of the season.
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Last Name, First Name (Must be adult member who is named on the bond or certificate or name under which associate membership is registered.) *
I (we) acknowledge that Fairfield-Fairfield Crest Swim Club (FFC) has made all reasonable efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by following the guidelines set by the Delaware Department of Public Health in order to provide a safe and healthy environment. I (we) acknowledge that even with these efforts use of the facilities at Fairfield-Fairfield Crest Swim Club may expose me (us) to the COVID-19 virus. My (our) decision to access Fairfield-Fairfield Crest Swim Club is made knowingly and voluntarily with knowledge of all risks related to the exposure of COVID-19 and the decision to use the facilities at Fairfield-Fairfield Crest Swim Club shall mean that I (we) are accepting the risks associated with the COVID-19 virus. I (we) agree to abide by the policies and procedures established by FFC, and acknowledge that Fairfield-Fairfield Crest Swim Club, as well as its Board of Directors and Staff will not be held responsible should I (we) contract the virus. In addition, I (we) acknowledge that all suppliers and the contracted pool operating company, Precision Pools Inc, including their employees will not be held responsible should I (we) contract the COVID-19 virus. It is presumed that the membership of Fairfield-Fairfield Crest Swim Club will make their own assessment of the associated risk of coming to FFC and will act accordingly. This waiver remains in effect for the entire 2020 Pool Season and includes all parties listed under the membership of the person signing the waiver. *
Electronic Signature: By providing my electronic signature, I am indicating that I fully understand and acknowledge the above information and risks, and accept full responsibility.
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