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The princess is very attractive Yes, she is ___________ beautiful than her sister
A: _____ he work in a bank? B: No, he works in a library
There _________ books on the shelf
Where ________ work?
They __________ a wonderful concert last week
She swims very __________
What time __________yesterday?
They were _________ work last Saturday
I go to the library __________foot
What ___________?
They __________ to visit China in November
__________ phoned his mother yet?
I ______ a lot of old school friends at the party last week
________ your house built?
Was the restaurant any good? It was ok, it wasn’t _______ special
_______ been to Australia?
____ “The Phantom of the Opera”?
A lot of coffee ________ in Brazil
I’d like ____________ taller and thinner
A: I don’t like golf. B: _____ do I.
How often ________ go to London?
She went to Paris _____________ have an interview.
_______worked here?
She’ll miss the train if the taxi _________ soon.
I asked my brother to _________ me $20 until Saturday
I asked my brother if I could _______ $20 until Saturday
She’s only 16. She isn’t old ________ to vote in the election
Is the manager here? Yes he ________
I don’t think there _________ a lot of rain this weekend
They both look __________ their father
I’ve been studying Spanish __________ now
If you _______ travel anywhere, where would you go?
After half an hour, he realized that he _______ the movie before
By Thursday I _________ enough practice hopefully
Would you mind _________ the door?
I’m sure she would have phoned if she _________ not to come
Our boss _________ a lot of overtime
I ___________ so much happier now if I’d decided to stay in London
I ___________ to play the piano but I’d like to learn
He ______ be German. He’s speaking Russian.
_________ playing very well, England lost the match
She told me that she ________ to France before
She _________ that she would be ten minutes late
He _______ me we can start dinner without him, he will be here in 20 minutes
He got ____ the bus and showed his travel pass
Shall we get ________ for a drink at the weekend?
I usually get _________ work at half past five
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