Bikes and Parts Donation Form
Spokeland is currently accepting donations of bicycles and parts. We are not able to accept all donations at this time: please fill out this form to help us determine if we can accept your donation. Thank you for understanding our limited capacity, and for supporting a local community bike space!
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Tell us about the bikes you have to donate: make and model, condition, history.
If you bought the bike new, do you remember how much was it and when you bought it?
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Can you send us pictures of the bikes? *
Please send pictures to as soon as you complete this form. If you are not able to include pictures, we may not be able to accept your donation.
Do you have bicycle parts to donate? If so, please describe them here.
In order to determine if we can accept the parts you would like to donate, pictures are required. Please send pictures to as soon as you complete this form.
Can you bring your donations to our shop at 813 37th St in Oakland?
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