MHS Parent Survey - 1:1 Chromebook Initiative
Please give the Educational Technology Department as well as the high school administration team, the Board of Education, and the Curriculum Department some feedback on a possible 1:1 next year at Muskegon High School. A 1:1 ratio of Chromebooks to students would be funded entirely by the Tech and Security Millage. The following are questions that we would appreciate your input on as we prepare for the future of learning at Muskegon Public Schools. Please only fill out one answer per parent/guardian. In addition to surveying parents/guardians, we have also planned surveys with teachers and students. It is important that we have everyone's feedback on this important step. No decisions have been made at this time but receiving feedback will help drive our decisions. Thank you for your time.
What is a 1:1 Chromebook Initiative?
In a true 1:1 initiative, students would be assigned their "own" Chromebook for the school year. The student would be responsible for the care and use of that device which they will carry from class period to class period throughout the day. Students would no longer have to share a device or get to a classroom at MHS that doesn't have any Chromebooks (this is our current structure).
Are you in favor of every high school student having their own device to use during the school year? *
The device would be a Chromebook which is the device that many of our students are already familiar with.
If you picked "no," please explain why.
Not a required question. Only add information based up on your response to the first question.
Your answer
Do you think students should be able to bring the Chromebook home every day in order to do homework/research?
Fixing and/or Repairing Chromebooks
Please answer the following questions. We know accidents happen so we need your input.
If you're in favor of your student being assigned a Chromebook, are you willing to pay an "insurance" fee in order for the student's device to be fixed, repaired, and/or replaced?
A common fee is something like $25 a year which covers the first repair/fix. This is non-refundable and without the insurance fee, parents/guardians would be responsible for the actual cost of repairs which is likely to be much larger than $25. This is just an example. This is not the final fee amount. The fee amount will be determined at a later date.
Concerns - Internet Connectivity in Households
One of the concerns that has come up is how many of our high school students have access to the Internet at home. Please answer the following questions to help us plan.
Does your student have access to the Internet at home?
This is your typical Internet connection that you might get through Comcast or Frontier.
Do you currently have a device at home that your student does school related work on?
Cell phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, Chromebook.
What concerns do you have, if any? *
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