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We invite you to join us in making Balanced View's offering available and accessible to the largest number of people. We would love to hear your ideas. Please send them with this form. We look forward to hearing from you.
What do you generally like and find attractive about Balanced View / the Four Mainstays? (optional)
Tell us what you like about Balanced View's Four Mainstays. This will support us to strengthen what is working well for you and the worldwide community and expand on it with more offerings.
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What do you personally find most beneficial, supportive and empowering in the Four Mainstays? (optional)
Tell us how you are relying on the Four Mainstays in your daily life and what you find to be of greatest value. We love concrete examples.
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What questions, considerations and wishes do you have about the Four Mainstays and/or your participation? (optional)
Tell us any considerations and questions you have about your participation. We want to make it easy for all the World's people to participate, your feedback will support us to grow stronger in areas that require our attention. We love concrete examples from your experience. If you see solutions, we would love to hear them and will consider them in the context of all the feedback we receive.
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How are you participating in the Four Mainstays? (optional)
Tell us how you are involved with each Mainstay. This will also help us to have a context for your other responses.
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Would you be available to support implementing solutions? If so, how? (optional)
It would be brilliant to have your support in implementing suggestions and solutions you and others in the global community propose. We love working together as a grassroots organization!
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