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You've come across our application form for becoming a core organizer for Bricobio.

We're looking to fill around 6 positions in roles related to community building, financial coordination, project creation, design, marketing and other roles that can support Bricobio projects in art, design and research. These are volunteer roles (for now), but they will be fundamental to the founding of Bricobio as a structured organization with a mission and vision that responds to community interests.

We'll be creating a leadership structure based on methods from the Community Biosummit Fellows Program, supported by the MIT Media Lab's Community Biotechnology Initiative. ( This is a community creation process where we'll work towards building teams and responding to our local community's interests and needs for resources related to bio-tech and bio-art projects.

Note pour des candidats qui parlent français comme langue primaire: Nous acceptons des soumissions qui sont écrites entièrement en français, comme vous voulez. Nous allons faire un mise-à-jour sur notre site web pour avoir une formulaire entièrement traduire avant le 18 août.

By being a part of this group of organizers, you will be a central part of this new wave of biotechnology, as we research and explore ways that we create, interact, play, invent and research with biology. Depending on your role, your tasks may include...
- Being a great mentor (and mentee)
- Community recruitment
- Creation and development of projects and teams
- Financial management
- Design and marketing
- Committee leadership
- Establishing facilities for working with biotechnology
- Fundraising
- Design of safety procedures and protocols
- Communication and policy development for municipal, provincial and federal authorities on the topic of community biotechnology
- Road-mapping the future for development of new technologies, artwork and design projects
- Creating and supporting networks of individuals and groups working in biotechnology across the city, province, country and internationally

We will prefer applicants who...
- are motivated to create impactful and interesting projects
- are able to make a weekly time commitment of 5 to 10 hours per week
- like to build things from scratch
- think creatively about how to succeed in really difficult situations
- like to lead and inspire others
- are great at organizing and planning events and projects
- likes to have fun and be silly
- have experience working in startups, small non-profits, or artistic projects working with small teams

Experience working with biotechnology in educational or professional work is NOT required to participate.

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We would like to collect demographic information so that we can work towards being more diverse and inclusive. If you'd like, tell us a bit about you and where you're from!
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