Questionnaire VAI Project (English version)

Today the European Union recognizes the potential of volunteering among immigrants as an instrument for and indicator of integration; many EU Member States have introduced measures to encourage volunteering and to promote immigrants’ and refugees’ volunteering.

The VAI project addresses this question: “How can volunteering among immigrants be better used in order to increase Third Country Nationals’ participation in society?”

On this basis, in each of the four countries involved in VAI project (Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy), we aim to investigate the relationship between volunteering and integration:
1) focusing on the nature of the policies and on the characteristics of voluntary activities developed among immigrants,
2) exploring how and to what extent immigrants themselves are involved in voluntary activities;
3) assessing the impact of volunteering on integration processes.

Here, volunteering means any formal or informal unpaid activity in which time is given freely to benefit another person, group or organization (just reimbursement of costs may be provided).

Immigrants are considered foreign-born people whose parents were also foreign-born.
As second generation immigrant is indicated a native-born population with at least one foreign-born parent.

The collaboration of your organization is essential for the success of the survey, so we invite you to fill in the online questionnaire below, possibly by May 30th. It will take 10 minutes.

The questionnaire is organized into three sections: the first collects some general information, the second one deals with immigrant volunteering within the organization (if present), and the third one investigates the characteristics and outcomes of volunteering for the benefit of migrants.

The research is carried out by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR), GW Leibniz Universitat Hannover (DE), the Hellenic Red Cross (GR), Verein Multikulturell (AT) under the coordination of the University of Calabria (IT) which will be responsible for data processing, according to the Regulation (EU)2016/279 of the European Parlament (General Data Protection Regulation).

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We thank you in advance for your collaboration.

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