Volunteer Hour Submission Form 2018-19
Families are required to complete 16 total volunteer hours each year.

Here are some examples of ways to earn volunteer hours:

Serving as a Room Parent
Supporting Class Activities as Requested by Teachers
Assisting with Teacher Appreciation Activities
Chairing or serving on a PTA committee
Helping with Wednesday Folders
After Hour Teacher Support (This might include sharpening pencils for the class, cutting things out, or making items. Check with the homeroom teacher for details.)
Helping in the library
Helping with Student Activities (Field Day, Fall or Spring Festival, PTA sponsored events)
Helping with Fundraisers
Attending Title I Events
Attending Parent Academies
Participating in Campus Beautification Events
Assisting with Book Fairs
Chaperoning Field Trips

Please enter the time you work below. If you encounter a problem with the form or make a mistake, please email debbierblankenship@gmail.com or alex2volunteers@gmail.com

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If there are multiple volunteers per CARPOOL NUMBER, having your name listed will allow PTA to determine if an individual becomes eligible for a year-end volunteering award.
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Student Name(s)
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Carpool Number *
You must enter your correct CARPOOL number in order to get credit for volunteering. Be sure that all volunteers in your family know your carpool number.
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Date of Volunteer Activity *
Only enter whole numbers here. If you worked less than 1 hour, leave Hours field blank and enter Minutes below. For example: If you work 1.5 hours, enter 1 in Hours field, then 30 in Minutes field below. Enter NUMBERS only, no text
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If you have more than one child at Alex 2, choose the homeroom of the child in the youngest grade.
Is this the first volunteer time you have reported for the school year?
Bibb County wants to know when someone volunteers for the first time for the given school year.
Are you a GRANDPARENT volunteer?
Bibb county wants a count of grandparent volunteers!
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