Soulshine Farm Music Festival VOLUNTEER Application Form 2019
Thank you for your interest in being a valuable, most appreciated Soulshine Volunteer for the 6th Annual Soulshine Farm Music Festival, Green Mountain, NC. on August 8-10, 2019. We LOVE our volunteers and know how Soulshine wouldn't be Soulshine at all without the dedication and love given from all the kind folks involved year after year. Thank you! YOU ARE A SHINY SOUL!

By submitting this application form, you agree to commit to 8 hours, (2) 4 hour shifts, of your time volunteering* onsite during the 2018 Soulshine Farm Music Festival. Shifts begin as early as 9am Wednesday August 7, 2019 (set up) and as late as 4pm Sunday August 11, 2019 (break down).

We do not require you to pay up a fee or purchase a ticket up front to be refunded to be a volunteer. We work on the honor system here, with trust that when you sign this application, you are committing to fulfill your duties and become a badass in our eyes. Please let us know at your earliest (hopefully way before your shift) if you are unable to complete your agreement and we will take you off our schedule, no biggie. But if you still intend on attending Soulshine, <awesome>, but you will need to purchase a ticket.

With your Volunteer Pass, you are entitled to (1) meal a day, on the day of your shift, in the Hospitality/Volunteer food tent. Meal tickets are given to you when your shift is completed. We will provide water at your post. Your pass also comes with primitive camping and free parking in a designated lot. If you need to camp with your vehicle, please purchase a CAR/RV pass on the website.

Please submit this application by April 19, 2019 to be considered for 2019. Confirmation of Acceptance emails will be sent out by May 1, 2019. Along with more information about this year.

*volunteer duties may include trash detail, recycling, hospitality, site maintenance, cooking/prep/kitchen cleaning, front gate/ticketing, parking, runners, kids activities/area, building/construction.

Any questions or concerns can also be directed to . Thanks!

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