Weekly Measure of Success
The week starts Friday and ends Thursday. Tickets go towards bragging rights and fun prizes.
What Week Are You Measuring? (chose the date of the Thursday that falls in this week)
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Did CINC record at least 250 calls from you this week? If yes, select 1 ticket.
Did CINC record at least 200 outgoing text messages from you? If yes, select 1 ticket, if none select 0.
Do you have 100 or less leads in your pipeline that are not marked SOLD? If yes, select 1 ticket, if none select 0.
How many clients did you put under contract this week? 1 ticket each
Recommended Title Company Contracts? 2 tickets each
Recommended Lender Contracts? 2 tickets each
Recommended Home Warranty Contracts? 2 tickets each
How many contracts did you Close? 7 tickets each
Did you hold at lease one an Open House? (This MUST be an Open House with Door Hangers & 20 Open House Signs up) 2 tickets. If yes select 1.
How Many Agents did you refer to the group? - 1 ticket for referrals + bonuses if they sign on
How Many New Client PreQualifications were approved with one of our Recommended lenders? 1 ticket per completed PreQual
How may Call Nights did you attend this week (usually only held monthly.) 2 tickets per attendance.
What can the team do to better support you to meet and exceed your goals?
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