Gender, Sexuality, and Faith
A Reading Circle that discusses texts on Gender, Sexuality, and Faith.

The first Circle will be nine meetings over nine weeks that begin with an introductory meeting, go through each chapter of the book, and then end with a conclusion to the text. We will be discussing Taylor Petrey's TABERNACLES OF CLAY. Each week, a participant or two will be asked to briefly recap the chapter read and begin the conversation.

You will need to purchase this text or find it at your local library. If you cannot purchase the text, please let us know in the last response to the survey, and if you are chosen to participate, we will try to get the text to you.

This Reading Circle will be capped at fifteen participants. It will meet Sundays, 2 p.m.–3 p.m. Mountain. The Reading Circle will begin July 19 and go to September 13.

THIS READING CIRCLE HAS BEEN FILLED. If you would like to learn about future Reading Circles, please fill out the information below.
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