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Inspired by contemporary streetwear aesthetics, in a monochrome ombre
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The Core Kit
Hiragana Sub-Legends
Katakana Sub-Legends
ALPHAS - Preferred legends for alphas? [close up: https://i.imgur.com/jee9czB.png]
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ALPHAS - Interest in a mono-legend alpha base kit alternative?
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MODIFIERS - Preferred legends for core kit mods?
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General Feedback re: Modifiers?
Preferred Numpad legends for core kit? (https://i.imgur.com/kpQtMN6.png)
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NOVELTIES [WIP] - Any suggestions?
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We may have too many ideas/options, help us pick!
Note that: Orange Labels are removable stickers
Insane in the Membrane [WIP]
Super Desk [WIP]
Patented [WIP]
The Grayed Wave [WIP]
RGBanksy [WIP]
Desk Mats you would buy? (Can pick multiple)
Any suggestions re: Desk Mats? (i.e. certain desk mat colors?; should 'Insane in the Membrane' retain the Logo?; Stickers including other colors like caution yellow etc.)
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General comments or suggestions?
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Thank you providing feedback!
More renders: https://graydient.myportfolio.com/
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