Efficiency of a motor
A student investigated the efficiency of a motor using the equipment shown below:
Key points:
The motor is used to lift a weight of 2.5N a height of 2.0m
He measured the speed at which the weight was lifted and calculated the efficiency of the energy transfer.
He repeated the experiment to gain two sets of data.
The student ensure that the height lifted is the same each time. What type of variable is this? *
1 point
Why does the student repeat the experiment? (Tick all that apply) *
1 point
The results from the experiment are shown in the graph:
Which two of the following are conclusions that could be drawn from the graph above. *
1 point
What is the main cause of waste energy from the motor? *
1 point
When the total input to the motor is 5W, it is not possible to lift the 2.5N weight. What is the efficiency of the motor in this situation?
1 point
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