Physics Education Research Genealogy
The Physics Education Research Genealogy Survey is part of a project to study the connections between members of the PER community. We use network analysis methods to study the shape of the community and how it changes with time.

In this survey, we're asking about relationships in PER. Who studied with whom as a graduate student, postdoc, or newcomer to the field? We're also interested in collaborations: who do community members cite as being interested in their development as researchers and community members?

We expect that it will take you about 5 minutes to fill out this survey. You are free to fill it out as many times as you wish, specifying different names and relationships each time. Your participation is completely voluntary, and you may decide not to submit this form, in which case we will not know that you were here. We plan to keep this data indefinitely, and occasionally present parts of it (aggregated or individually) in talks, papers, or posters. We also plan to connect this data to other measures of community membership, such as co-authorship on papers.

There are very minimal risks inherent in this study. Some community members may feel that quantitative measures of centrality do not reflect their personal beliefs about their personal importance to the field, and may feel embarrassed or neglected. To minimize these risks, we will primarily report aggregate measures of network features, and minimize or downplay the roles of individual community members who do not appear central in our data sets.

There are some anticipated benefits to participation. PER community members in general will benefit from greater knowledge about the shape of the field; some members may find that quantitative measures of centrality are personally helpful in their careers. In the broader scientific community, results about the growth and development of an emerging field may help other emerging fields develop. You will not be compensated for your time, though you may enjoy reminiscing about the field.

If you have questions about this research project or your participation in it, please contact
Dr. Eleanor Sayre, The Committee for Research Involving Human Subjects (IRB) at Kansas State University (KSU) has reviewed this project. If you have questions, please contact the University Research Compliance Office (URCO) at
This form asks about a relationship between two people, Person 1 and Person 2. Generally, Person 1 is the more senior person, and Person 2 is the more junior person. If they have the same seniority, then you can pick who you want to be Person 1 and Person 2.

You should be able to write a sentence like "Person 1 is Person 2's advisor".

We'll do our best to match up different nicknames or changing last names. You can help by using full names with correct spelling, if possible.
Person 1 *
What is the name of the more senior person in this relationship? If both people have equal seniority, pick one of them to be Person 1.
Person 2 *
What is the name of the more junior person in this relationship? If both people have equal seniority, Person 2 is the person you didn't pick for Person 1.
What is the relationship between Person 1 and Person 2? *
Please select all that apply.
What year did this relationship start?
Knowing important years in relationships helps us track the growth of the community over time.
What year did this relationship stop or change?
For students, when was graduation? For collaborators, when did their collaboration end? If these people still know each other, but don't work together any more, when did their relationship change?
What institution was Person 1 associated with when this happened?
For example: University of Maine. We'll try to disambiguate institution names. To help us out, please don't use abbreviations.
Are you one of these people?
This matters because we trust self-reports more than third-party reports. If you don't want us to know that you're participating, choose the last option.
Clear selection
Please use this space for optional additional comments.
Do you want to share additional relationships?
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