2018 Co-op Month Event Form
We are inviting you to celebrate National Co-op Month in October by holding events around this year’s theme: Cooperatives See the Future! Co-op Month is an opportunity for cooperatives around the state and the nation to connect with their community, to share the work they are doing to build cooperatives and to celebrate the impact they are having on the economy and their community.

We are inviting your cooperative or a collaboration with other cooperatives and organizations to hold an event so that people around Maine can see how cooperatives are benefitting our communities, our economy and growing the future of Maine. We encourage you to develop collaborations for these events to help bring organizations and cooperatives together to see and build our connections.

You can organize an:
Educational event including film showing, workshops, or speakers
Open house or Special Event at your co-op
Exhibit about co-ops including art and words at your library, school or a local gallery
Civic project such as community garden day, community meal, community cleanup, voter registration, blood drive, etc.
Offer a special promotion during co-op month

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