Beautiful, Safe and Connected: 20 Question Candidate Survey on Human Transportation
This questionnaire takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

It is a series of rapid-fire transportation related questions intended to educate, inform and query mayoral and council candidates on their human transportation philosophy and policy.

The answers and your scores, representing the views of potential elected officials, will be shared with the public prior to the election on October 24th, and with our network of partners and supporters.

The scoring system is clear and straightforward. "Agree" represents our organizational standpoint on each subject. Your overall score will be based on how closely your views match those of our organization and the people we represent, with consideration for thoughtful replies and your time should you decide to use the "other" option or choose to disagree. There are a maximum of 100 points available. Agree = 5 pts; Disagree or providing a caveat answer in the "other" section = 1pt. The Bonus Question is worth 5 points.

Please submit this form by Sunday October 21st at 5pm.
Our promotion of your responses will begin thereafter giving any undecided voters the chance to assess your views on this subject.

About Winnipeg Trails:
Winnipeg Trails was established in 2013. We have a long history of research, education, and advocacy in the field of walking, cycling and universal design. We represent the needs and wishes of Winnipeggers of every ability and work with our stakeholder groups and partners to make Winnipeg even better. We host an annual conference called ModeShift and you will see our work reflected in signage, amenities and trails in every corner of Winnipeg. We have a long relationship with the media, and are known as the voice of trails in Winnipeg. Please visit Winnipeg for more information or contact us any time at

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