Travis County CPS Docket Redesign
Due to the increase in CPS cases filed and heard in Travis County, a new approach to the dockets is being developed. The regularly scheduled dockets have occurred on Mondays and Fridays for many years and appointments have been made without consideration as to whether the cases were "Monday" cases or "Friday" cases. It has been proposed and work is being undertaken to transition Travis County into two more distinct dockets with one team of attorneys, CPS staff, and CASA staff working primarily on one team with one judge and a second group working on the other team with the other judge.

The intent of this change is to reduce scheduling conflicts, increase the efficiency of the dockets, create availability during the remainder of the week for other necessary meetings, and to develop a docket schedule where another regular docket day and judge can be added with minimal interruption in the future.

The Travis County Courts value the opinions of the attorneys on the Court Appointment List for CPS cases. This survey was developed so each attorney on the Court Appointment List can voice their preference in team.

This information will be used to assess the scheduling preferences of the attorneys on the Court Appointment List and will be used as a basis for splitting the Court Appointment List into two teams or groups. It's the hope of the Docket Redesign Court Teams Subcommittee that every attorney is satisfied in their team assignment.

Please take a moment to complete the survey below to ensure that your personal preferences and professional skills will be taken into consideration.

No preference for a particular judge will assumed from the responses collected.

If no response is received from an attorney, it will be assumed that attorney has no preference.

For more information please review the the following links:

General Summary from the Court:

Notes from Q&A:

Proposed Docket Calendar:

If you have any questions, please contact Belinda Roberts at Thanks!
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