LALG Members Survey 2018
Please complete the following questions and help us to improve LALG. Thank you!
A summary of the results will be given at the AGM and on the website.
1. How often do you participate in LALG activities on average?
2. On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) please rate the following statements:
2a Events run by LALG are generally well organised
2b I am made to feel welcome at LALG events
2c My LALG subscription is good value for money
2d The range of activities on offer through LALG meets my needs
2e I would be happy to recommend LALG to a friend or colleague
3. Do you go to the LALG Members Morning Meetings advertised on page 3 of every newsletter?
4. What would encourage you to go to the Members Morning Meetings?
5. LALG organises outings. Is there anywhere you would like to visit?
Your answer
6. Are there any other local businesses that you wish offered LALG member discounts?
Your answer
7. We are always considering new groups
Do you have any suggestions for new groups?
Your answer
8. Some groups are full – please list any you would like to join if another group started
Your answer
9. Do you have any other suggestions for improving LALG?
Your answer
10. Can you help LALG?
LALG is run 100% by volunteers - and we always need more.

If you have a small amount of time to offer, there is definitely a way for you to help. For most things you need no particular skills, just a desire to support LALG.

Volunteers are well supported so you wouldn’t be left on your own, nor asked to do more than you want.

please tick anything you might be able to do:
Is there any other way you’d like to help?
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You can submit this survey anonymously, but if you are offering help, or you are interested in a new group, please give your details below:
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Phone Number
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Please note that we will keep your replies confidential; results are compiled and reported without names.
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