Driver's Permit Request Form
We will have the Arkansas State Police (ASP) form ready in 24-48 hours.

Pursuant to the requirements of Act 831/876 of 1991:
Student must be properly enrolled and maintaining a C average for the previous semester. Please check your grades before submitting a request.

*Please answer ALL questions, including Race and Gender, as this information is required on the form we provide to the ASP to acquire a permit.

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Important Information: The driver’s form will be valid until the end of the current semester. If the knowledge exam is not passed by the end of the current semester, the student will be expected to submit a new school form after January 10th or after June 10th, when new semester grades are calculated. School forms dated after June 10th will be valid through the summer. If you have any questions, please call the Student Support Center at (479) 266-1824 or email
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