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Finding a Fjord is hard - finding a good one is like finding a unicorn!
We are proud to offer a limited number of foals each year by our herd of German import mares and stallions. Every one of them is registered in Europe (and most with the NFHR in the US after importation) and our stallions are Licensed in Europe as well. The best in Europe is right here in Canada!
We pride ourselves in our reputation in honest representation of our horses and are happy to provide references and testimonials and of course make an appointment to visit Footnote Farm in person, via Zoom, or FaceTime.
To ensure that all of our fjords are well placed please take a moment to tell us a little bit about yourself and why you would like to have one of our special foals in your stable.
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Young horses require a lot of skill and experience to raise to be healthy and useful for life. Please describe your young horse (until 4 years old) plan.
Please provide 3 references (names and phone numbers): personal, equine professional (ie trainer), animal health care practitioner (veterinarian with whom you are a client in good standing).
If you are forced to rehome your Fjord at any time and for any reason to you agree that you will contact Footnote Farm to allow us right of first refusal OR to stay in contact with the new owner?
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